Three Lumieres from LOMEG_ROM

Lomeglumiere #030 “uncut scenes” (2008, 5.4MB, 1:05)

Lomeglumiere #019 “video painting II” (2008, 5.4MB, 1:05)

Lomeglumiere #003 “goodle” (2008, 3.4MB, 0:44)

Three lovely thought-provoking lumieres from LOMEG_ROM.
The point of the Lumiere project was to get people to think
differently about their practice. LOMEG_ROM’s lumieres
vary widely, sometimes a still shot where seemingly
“nothing” happens, other times a still camera and a
piece of furniture moved back and forth in front of the
lens. Whatever they’re up to, I always enjoy surprises
from this Norwegian duo.
I chose these three as departures from other lumieres,
in content or style. Brava.