Lumière – La sortie des ouvriers de l’usine Lumière à Lyon

La sortie des ouvriers de l’usine Lumière à Lyon (1895, 2MB, 46 sec.)

The year is 1895. The “Hangar” was the first set in the history of Cinematography and
can be seen here in “La Sortie de l’usine Lumière”, Lumière’s first film.
from the fantastic site – Institut Lumière.

Lumière et Son Bow Out

checkout art fairs
Checkout Art Fairs (2010, 8MB, 1:07 min.)

Blotting Paper
Blotting Paper (2010, 13MB, 1:06 min.)

I hadn’t realized that the splendid Lumière et Son project, which
we’ve raved about here before, was a time limited thing
but, sadly, yes & they’ve posted their last, which we repost here
We’ve grabbed a few more, which we’ll post in the near future, but
do yourselves a favour and go & wallow in their site now…

2 from Lumière et Son

time travel
Time Travel (2010, 10 MB, 1:10 min)

A Right of Passage
A Right of Passage (2010, 14 MB, 1:04 min)

We’ve not hidden our enthusiasm here for the work,
always interesting ,often stunning, of Sam Renseiw.
Sam’s been a particularly deft & prolific exponent of the
Lumière form re-invented/discovered/conceptualised
by Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen and Brittany Shoot (of this manor).

Here the whole thing goes a stage further with a great
collaboration between Renseiw and British filmmaker/sound artist
Philip Sanderson, archived on a site called Lumière et Son
which title, for me at least, occasions both a groan and a kind of grudging admiration.

The work is great – Renseiw’s originals, with new found-sound additions
from Sanderson; playful, witty and perhaps even a a little profound,
in a Zen kind of way.

I hadn’t really clocked it properly until I saw a couple of these pieces
at a screening in London the other day.

Here’s one from that programme (the original of which
we posted here a while ago) plus another that especially
tickled me.
Splendid stuff & here’s to many more!