Buky Schwartz – 2 illusory videos

29th March 2010 by doron
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | drawing | furniture | historical | installation | participatory | performance | serial

videoconstructions2 (1978, 5MB, 1:16 min.)

The Chair (1980, 36MB, 9:54 min.)

Buky Schwartz (1932-2009), an Israeli sculptor and video artist
who passed away last year, was known for his deceptive videos
that interplay between illusory appearance and the actual ‘reality’.
The 2 vids here were exhibited at the Whitney Biennial in New York in 1981.
From the splendid Videoart.net

Sam Renseiw – Blind Voodles

11th April 2009 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | furniture | observational | video | vlog

Blind Voodle #1 (2009, 57.4MB, 6:25 min)

Blind Voodle #2 (2009, 31.6MB, 3:35 min)

Oneiric gorgeousness from the magnificent Sam Renseiw.

Three Lumieres from LOMEG_ROM

19th September 2008 by brittany
arts | furniture | Lumière | silent | video

Lomeglumiere #030 “uncut scenes” (2008, 5.4MB, 1:05)

Lomeglumiere #019 “video painting II” (2008, 5.4MB, 1:05)

Lomeglumiere #003 “goodle” (2008, 3.4MB, 0:44)

Three lovely thought-provoking lumieres from LOMEG_ROM.
The point of the Lumiere project was to get people to think
differently about their practice. LOMEG_ROM’s lumieres
vary widely, sometimes a still shot where seemingly
“nothing” happens, other times a still camera and a
piece of furniture moved back and forth in front of the
lens. Whatever they’re up to, I always enjoy surprises
from this Norwegian duo.
I chose these three as departures from other lumieres,
in content or style. Brava.

Treehouse Kit – Guy Ben-Ner

1st June 2007 by doron
animation | arts | community | conceptual | documentary arts | exhibition | furniture | installation | memoir | performance | satire | video

Treehouse Kit (excerpt) (2005, 2.3MB, 1 min.)

Excerpt from a single channel video installation and sculpture by Guy Ben-Ner.
“Treehouse Kit” consists of a large wooden tree created from recombined, generic furniture.
The sculpture is presented along with an instructional style video in which Ben-Ner
(in swim trunks and a huge beard, a cross between Robinson Crusoe and an archetypical Israeli settler) converts the pre-fab tree back into a rudimentary home.

Originally commissioned for the Israeli Pavilion at the 51st Venice Biennale 2005.