Edward Picot – Job’s Comforters

28th October 2013 by michael
adaptation | arts | conceptual | experimental | literature | poetry | silent | strange | text | video

Job’s Comforters (2013, 3MB, 7:00 min)

Those who associate Edward Picot solely with his marvellous Dr Hairy series,
wickedly funny and pointed satire in the kind of lo-fi/hand made tradition
that comes down from Postgate and Firmin might be quite taken
aback by this. You have to watch the whole thing. Until shortly before the
end you seem to be simply watching a poetic & minimal retelling of a bible
story, then the whole thing suddenly lurches several gears into the kind of
territory that one associates more with Tarr and Kasznahorkai at their most
bleak and disturbing (and somehow their most bracing and exhilarating too).
It’s a punch to the solar plexus of a piece and simply magnificent.
I don’t know where its bleakness comes from or takes us but what it does
en route burns into you.

Pieces of OiZ

11th December 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | documentary | documentary arts | experimental | film | observational | silent | technology

Christoph Brunner – schwarzenbergplatz (2005, 9.8MB, 0:46)

Christoph Brunner – schwarzenbergplatz 2 (2005, 13.5MB, 1:03)

Orte in Zeiten is a filmmaking process conceived
by Christoph Brunner that continuously re-exposes film
to make surreal loops of space and time.
These two clips were taken during the development
of OiZ, which roughly translates to “places in time”.

Guthrie Lonergan – Floor warp 2

8th November 2012 by doron
arts | conceptual | new media art | silent | video

Floor warp 2 (2008, 3.7MB, 20 sec.)

By Guthrie Lonergan. More vids here.

5 Lumières

1st November 2012 by brittany
arts | community | conceptual | experimental | historical | movie making | narrative | silent | video

Me and Pop

Me and Pop (2004, 3.88MB, 1:00min)

Maker’s site


Sleeping (2007, 2.34MB, 57 secs)

Maker’s site


Gallo (2007, 5.17MB, 55 secs)

Maker’s site


Dance of Death (2007, 5.53MB, 1:00 min)

Maker’s site

A Week

A Week’s Worth (2007, 4.93MB, 1:00 min)

Maker’s site

The rules for Lumière videos are as follows:

* 60 seconds max.
* Fixed camera
* No audio
* No zoom
* No edit
* No effects

In the spirit of the Lumière brothers and comparable in some ways to Dogme 95,
the Lumière video project emerged from a documentary perspective,
as Auguste and Louis Lumière blazed the trail in this genre.
In the tradition of the the cinematographe, the first movie camera,
which was arguably used and possibly built by the brothers, all
21st C Lumiere videos should be made only using features available in
camera (ie, no external editing, including bumpers and titles, should
be included).
Lumière videos hope to expand upon the ways that online video allows for
the advancement of personal narratives by capturing the everyday, and sometimes
unexpected, within a specific framework of constraints, less conflicted by sometimes
unnecessary editing.

See all Lumière videos.

Netbehaviour Mailing List Fractal Excerpt

10th July 2012 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | math | new media art | process/systems | remix/mashup | silent | strange | text | video

Netbehaviour Mailing List Fractal [Excerpt] (2012, 5MB, 59 secs)

From Claude Heiland-Allen:
Seven years of archives for this mailing list filtered down
to the most often occurring 1000 words of 4 letters or more,
in an infinite fractal zoom – each word is made up of the
words that most likely follow it.

We love the Netbehaviour list & this, splendid & bonkers both, does just
what it says on the tin with that excellent institution – we’ve posted
the minute long version here but if that whets your appetite for more
there’s an hour long version at archive.org.

More from Kevin Flanagan

3rd July 2012 by michael
arts | experimental | nature | observational | silent | video | vlog

Grass Barbed
Grass Barbed (2008, 13.8MB, 41 secs, silent)

Grass in Wind
Grass In Wind (2008, 20.4, 48 secs, silent)

Utter loveliness from Irish artist Kevin Flanagan in 2008.
Utter loveliness never something to be disdained in my view, but here it’s also allied to a
steadfastness of purpose & well, just simple old fashioned
courage of conviction.

June Pak

25th June 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | experimental | silent | video

June Pak – double (2002, 892 KB, 0:30)

June Pak’s work is innovative and breathtaking.
In double, one character disrupts the other’s stability
by changing the television channel but is nevertheless
oblivious to this effect. Pak says, “This exchange
between the two suggests the disjunction within
oneself caused by technology and boredom.”

John Cage – 4:33

31st May 2012 by michael
arts | community | conceptual | documentary arts | experimental | historical | performance | silent | tv | video

john cage
John Cage – 4:33 (2004, 47MB, 9:23 min)

Wonderful video of the BBC Symphony Orchestra under
Lawrence Foster giving a performance of John Cage’s
notorious/ provocative/seminal/epoch-making 4:33.

Still Life: Gallery – Gareth Long

25th February 2012 by doron
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | observational | silent | stop motion | video

Still Life: Gallery (2002, 3.5 MB, 3:22 min.)

This piece was shot with a still camera. The images are ‘stitched’ together using
a combination of specialized software and by hand; the stills seamlessly joined to
create a new space. Because the space is made up of stills instead of video, any
and all action contained within the frame is arrested. The two major precepts of
video – motion and time – are thus implied but impenetrable.

from Gareth Long.

Jennifer Steinkamp – Mike Kelley

20th December 2011 by doron
animation | arts | conceptual | documentary arts | experimental | observational | silent | video

Mike Kelley (2007, 7.3 MB, 15 sec.)

‘Mike Kelley’ are high definition video projections of individual trees
with branches moving in a twirling pattern. Projected to fill the height
of the gallery’s walls, the images interact with the architecture of the gallery,
creating tension between the imaginary landscape and the physical space.

by Jennifer Steinkamp.