2 from Jess Loseby

18th July 2011
animation | arts | cellphone | conceptual | experimental | music video | silent | video - michael

Arms Race
Arms Race (2007, 1.85MB, 1:02 min)

Handbag Surveillance
Handbag Surveillance (2007, 4.18MB, 2:05 min)

Anyone lucky enough to have already encountered Jess Loseby’s artwork
online or in a gallery will have realised immediately what a thoughtful,
courageous & dextrous artist she is. She hasn’t been so active of late &
her excellent site is offline now due to her continuing ill health
(although it is possible to explore it somewhat using the wayback machine).
This is a real loss: there is a warmth & humanity to her work
– an ability to find beauty in the ordinary, the overlooked
( & in our still sexist society, these categories often overlapping
with the domestic, the feminine) – which one often looks for in vain elsewhere.
Her work doesn’t strut, it enchants, (& then maybe sticks a
big fuck-off hatpin into you).
Video making isn’t central to what she does, but when she does it
she does it with all the qualities noted above.
Enjoy & learn.

Music for Handbag Surveillance by Clive Loseby.

We at DVblog join with many of her friends in wishing Jess well
and look forward to her return to active art making.