Brian Gibson – Facade

2nd April 2007
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Facade (2006, 8MB, 1:29 min)

facade remix
Facade Remix (2006, 5.85MB, 1:20 min)

Brian Gibson is a recently graduated video maker
with real & substantial talent.
In particular he is an excellent editor – with a
very musical eye (sic.).
This is the first of two posts featuring his work.
I’ve deliberately started with the one I think –
although it’s a good piece – is the weakest: Facade.
Nicely made, strong visual sense, marred only for me
by a slight surrender to sentimentality…
Then look at the remix, when he forgets
about expressing himself & starts to play
( & of course thereby expresses himself)
Now that’s good.
More soon – if you can’t wait, check out Brian’s site,
in particular the rather wonderful mash up Energy Flakes .

Music credits:
Facade: Dungen – Gl