Guy Maddin – Brand Upon The Brain

20th June 2007
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Brand Upon The Brain (trailer)
Brand Upon The Brain (Trailer) (2007, 3.47MB, 1:34 min)

Brand Upon The Brain (Foley)
Brand Upon The Brain (Foley) (2007, 4.92MB, 3:20 min)

Brand Upon The Brain, a new feature film by Guy Maddin, tours the US this summer accompanied with a live orchestrations by Ensemble Sospeso.
Maddin’s fantastically extravagant Super 8 films are always enchanting and the additional elements of live music, sound effects and narration by quirky celebs is sure to delight cinephiles of all ages. I was lucky enough to catch it in NYC last week with Crispin Glover as a very charming narrator, but the three Foley artists nearly stole the show. You can see them hard at work in their lab coats in the rehearsal video. Looks like it will have further distribution later this year with recorded soundtrack and narration by Isabella Rossellini.

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