Alan Sondheim: large tree-scan world images

treee (2006, 2.28MB, 1:03 min)

treees 3
treees 3 (2006, 5.86MB, 38 sec)

treees 8
treees 8 (2006, 9.15MB, 58 sec)

“similar to a scanning electron microscope, two images of a moving tree
with enormous detail were stitched together, warped, merged, and
analyzed at every stage. the result is a planetary configuration; one can travel
for at least an hour or two through the detailing. at times threads or
tubes appear; at times there are planes, sharpened edges, odd holes and
gaps. a tetrahedral mapping was employed.

it is this acute exploration of acute angles of inner worlds that
fascinates me. the mp4 file is small and an enormous amount of detail
is lost, but you get the idea. there are videos as well of course.
here is the resurrection of encapsulated movement-into-landscape of a
five-story tree outside the virtual environments laboratory at west

Alan Sondheim