Gabriel Klasmer – Efes One

19th November 2012 by doron
abstract | arts | documentary arts | participatory | process/systems

Efes One (2001, 71MB, 6 min.)

Slapstick documentation of artist Gabriel Klasmer doing
his processed abstract paintings in 2001.

Samuel Beckett – Quadrat I + II

15th November 2012 by doron
abstract | arts | conceptual | dance | documentary arts | historical | literature | performance | theatre | tv | video

Quadrat I + II (1981, 4.3MB, 1:04 sec.)

Quad (Play), by Samuel Beckett.

More from Diana Brighouse

22nd May 2012 by michael
abstract | conceptual | experimental | nature | new media art | poetry | video

Floating Green Leaves
5 Minute Measurement (2012, 279MB, 5:04 min)

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Diana Brighouse – Floating Green Leaves

16th May 2012 by michael
abstract | animation | arts | experimental | nature | new media art | poetry | video

Floating Green Leaves
Floating Green Leaves (2012, 212MB, 3:52 min)

Diana Brighouse is a doctor turned artist in a grand tradition.
She’s currently completing an MA at the University of Chichester in the UK.
Her work is intensely thoughtful and thought through and also often very beautiful.
I’m not always keen on artist commentaries on their own work but what she sent
me is a model of clarity so I’ll reproduce it in full here.

‘The underlying stimulus for my work is to challenge the reductive philosophy
that prevails in Western society today.
I believe that reductionism is manifest through a prioritising of scientific
or quantitative methodology. An unquestioning belief in the measurable is
found not only in science and technology, but also in education, medicine
and politics.
I believe that the supremacy of the measurable can be directly related not
only to the political and financial threats to the arts, but also to the
regressive attitudes towards women and the disabled.
Successive postgraduate university educations in medicine, spirituality,
psychotherapy and art have repeatedly challenged the certainties I have
been taught.
My use of digital video (a quantitative binary process) to produce images
that I believe to be non-reductive reflects the paradoxes created by my
chosen professions.
There are multiple possible interpretations of the videos depending on
the background of the viewer. This is deliberate and hopefully supports
my non-reductive thesis.
These videos are part of a series investigating reflections; a second
series that I am also currently working on investigates shadows.
My intention is that this series will be more politically orientated.
My videos are taken in my garden and edited with Sony Vegas Platinum 11.0HD.’

We’ll have another of these beautiful works next week.

Cory Arcangel – Urbandale

5th January 2012 by doron
abstract | arts | conceptual | experimental | new media art | technology

Urbandale (2000, 43MB, 7:30 min.)

“Urbandale”, an ASCII/ANSI movie by Cory Arcangel.
“Filmed at Urbandale Plaza in the eastern suburbs of Buffalo N.Y.,
“urbandale” is a study of America’s suburban sprawl stripped to its barest
essentials and void of unnecessary contemporary cultural influence. This
film captures the sly, bland smile strip plazas cast at modern culture.
The film, rendered in text, focuses on the repetitive motion of food
stuffs being cooked in the lobby of a discount department store.”

Urbandale” is a 2000 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc
for its Turbulence project.

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Two from Jade Enterprises

26th October 2011 by brittany
abstract | arts | audio | conceptual | experimental

jade – takethebus (2002, 3.6MB, 1:37)

jade – jet (2003, 2.4MB, 0:17)

Older experimental clips from Austria’s Michaela
Schwentner, also known as jade enterprises.

Takuya Hosogane – Vanishing Point

4th April 2011 by doron
abstract | animation | arts | music video | viral

Vanishing Point (2010, 19 MB, 1:39 min)

Extravagant motion graphics video by Takuya Hosogane.

Ran Slavin – Organic Urbanic

10th March 2011 by doron
abstract | arts | installation | landscape | remix/mashup | video

Organic Urbanic (2002, 14 MB, clip, 1:17 min)
“Organic Urbanic is a reality-fiction video based on an ambient
micro/macro cosmos of the urban-organic tapestry of the city.
The local and familiar transgresses into a dense textured
urban scape. The city is featured and filtered as a distorted
blue print image of itself.
The streets cars and buildings reveal an organic living machine-symbiotica.
Organic Urbanic amplifies what is already there. Among others, a complex
inner connectivity of city factors amplified and relocated.”

By Ran Slavin
Full duration: 9:00 min.

Omer Golan – Religion

1st February 2011 by doron
abstract | arts | audio | collaboration | experimental | new media art | process/systems | remix/mashup | technology | video

Religion (2010, 8 MB, 1:28 min.)

“‘Religion’ is based on a language text corpus containing about 140,000 words.
With Cycling74’s Max/Msp/Jitter, I created a virtual canvas for my video that is
covered with random text from the corpus. Then used this canvas to mask a clip
of animation that I’ve prepared for that purpose, allowing only text to appear where
pixels in the original animation were moving. My goal was to give the entire clip
random text textures that are aesthetic, recognizable and unreadable.”
By Omer Golan. Sound collage: Itamar Kav Tal.

Nuit blanches 2010 Metz, France with DIEZ and paradigme

4th January 2011 by doron
abstract | architecture | arts | audio | collaboration | design | documentary arts | event | experimental | installation | light | new media art | performance | process/systems | technology | vj

Nuit blanches 2010 – DIEZ and paradigme (2010, 41 MB, 1:55 min.)

Collaboration of Video mapping, light and sound installation, done for
Nuit blanches 2010 Metz.
Audio Visual design by paradigme.
Scenography and video mapping by DIEZ.