Monochrom & the Bolshevik Glove Puppets

15th September 2008
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kiki and bubu and the good plan
Kiki and Bubu and the Good Plan (2008, 74MB, 7:24 min)

kiki and bubu and the shift
Kiki and Bubu and the Shift (2008, 39MB, 4:11 min)

Well, almost.
Marred only by some fashionable end-of-the-working-class-in-the-West
(who collects your trash, checks out your groceries, teaches your kids?)
nonsense, this is on the whole the finest piece of glove puppet based
agit-prop I’ve ever seen & very funny to boot.
In particular the best of these pieces,Kiki and Bubu and the Good Plan,
is an absolutely clear & devastating reply to the marketeers…
See ’em all