Dr Hairy – Mentoring

14th May 2012 by michael
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Floating Green Leaves
Mentoring (2012, 255MB, 16:01 min)

Final one in the present series of Edward Picot’s Dr Hairy videos.
Great stuff, which we’ve enjoyed a great deal.
We eagerly anticipate series #2, perhaps we could suggest The Return of Dr Hairy,
Dr Hairy’s Repeat Prescription or The Beard is Back.
Glad to see he’ll be putting in an artworld appearance at
the new Furtherfield Gallery in Finsbury Park, London.
Not to be missed if you’re in the area during the run of the show (not only
because Dr H is great but also because Furtherfield haven’t put together
a remotely dull show yet).

Dr Hairy in Child Safety

8th February 2012 by michael
arts | community | education | humor | narrative | performance | puppetry | serial | video

child safety
Child Safety (2011, 189MB, 16:19 min)

Latest adventures of Edward Picot’s splendid Dr Hairy.

Edward Picot – Appraisal parts #3 & #4

5th October 2011 by michael
animation | arts | community | humor | narrative | observational | politics | puppetry | satire | serial | video

Appraisal Part #3 (2011, 159MB, 9:47 min)

Appraisal Part #4 (2011, 143MB, 9:40 min)

Latest two in Edward Picot’s wonderful Dr Hairy series.

Ladislas Starewitch – Le Lion Devenu Vieux

22nd March 2011 by admin
animation | arts | cinema | experimental | film | historical | movie making | puppetry | silent | stop motion

Le Lion Devenu Vieux
Le Lion Devenu Vieux (1932, 3.5MB, 1:04 sec.)

Ladislas Starewitch is often credited with inventing stop motion animation
as we know it, though so are several other people. It depends on what fits
into your definition of stop motion.
Certainly he was probably the first to actually make little figures and move
them frame by frame in an attempt to duplicate lifelike movement of actual
living things. it was because he was filming beetles and found that the hot
lights made them lethargic, so he made his own little beetles asrealistically
as possible and animated them instead.
This gave birth to further projects with very lifelike but sometimes partially
anthropomorphic (human-like) animals.
from – Darkstrider.

By Mica. (thanks Adam)

Edward Picot: Dr Hairy in Frank Talking #3

28th January 2011 by michael
animation | arts | humor | narrative | observational | performance | puppetry | satire | serial | video

Frank Talking #3 (2010, 278MB, 10:01 min)

Latest instalment in Edward Picot’s Dr Hairy saga which feels like
a weird amalgam of Oliver Postgate, soap and Carry On.
It’s interesting to observe how bold, deft & convincing Picot has become with the lo-fi
techniques he deploys in these and, furthermore, how engaging the actual
narrative is.
Great stuff!

Black or White, the Gravy Version

2nd December 2010 by michael
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black or white
Black or White, the Gravy Version (2010, 58 MB, 2:38 min.)

An outing, or perhaps more a forced march, for Michael Jackson’s
Black or White refracted through the prism of English
whimsy that is Edward Picot (well, on occasion; fans will know
his range is much, much broader) with co-conspirator Hoola Hoop Kid.
Never understood the Jackson appeal myself but this I like a great deal.
Wish, though, they’d called it ‘Black or White, the Gravy Mix‘.

Some Frank Talking from Edward Picot

16th November 2010 by michael
arts | collaboration | community | humor | narrative | politics | puppetry | satire | serial | video

Frank Talking #1 (2010, 157 MB, 9:59 min.)

Frank Talking #2 (2010, 247 MB, 9:51 min.)

Two more episodes in Edward Picot’s satirical but affectionate
insider view of the British NHS.


“Double Fantasy” by Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

15th November 2010 by doron
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | exhibition | installation | new media art | puppetry | realtime | technology

Double Fantasy (2006, 3 MB, 1:27 min.)

Double Fantasy (2006, 4 MB, 2 min.)

“Installation view and detail images of Double Fantasy 3 (Career) which was shown at the Armory Show in New York, March 2006. Each side of the sculpture has a model of a childhood career fantasy for each of us. Cameras project large scale images of it onto the wall, accompanied by a soundtrack.”
by Jennifer and Kevin McCoy.

“Eternal Return” by Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

28th October 2010 by doron
arts | cinema | conceptual | documentary arts | exhibition | installation | new media art | puppetry | stop motion | technology

Eternal Return (2006, 4 MB, 1:54 min.)

“Eternal Return” installed at the exhibition Stop Motion at the Edith Russ Haus,
is a remake of a scene from the musical movie The Gay Divorcee.
The piece was reworked to allow a large video projection for the exhibition.”
by – Jennifer and Kevin McCoy.

“Dream Sequence” by Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

23rd September 2010 by doron
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | exhibition | installation | new media art | puppetry | realtime | technology

Dream Sequence (2006, 5 MB, 2:31 min.)

Dream Sequence (2006, 7 MB, 3:20 min.)

“Installation view and detail images of Dream Sequence from the solo exhibition
‘Directed Dreaming’ at Postmasters, New York, March 2006.
Two parallel discs feature images from dreams that rotate slowly while the camera
remains fixed. Our sleeping selves are superimposed by way of a mirror, and the
resulting dream sequences are projected onto the wall.”

by – Jennifer and Kevin McCoy.