Undisclosed Beauty – Anders Weberg

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Undisclosed Beauty (2008, 8.7MB, 3:13 min)

We’ve shown Anders Weberg’s work here on a number of occasions.
He’s clearly a serious artist & has made some very potent work,
I find myself a bit at a loss with this latest piece – it doesn’t work for me.
My assumption is that it’s me who is not looking right, but I find the
aestheticising of what looks like some quite violent and disturbing
imagery both trite and somewhat suspect.
(And the music over-eggs it for me too…)
The piece recently won a prize in Ljubljana so I could well be in a minority.
Of course it’s the mark of a rich & challenging body of work that the artist is ahead
of the commentators so I look forward perhaps to reconsidering in weeks, months or years…