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Lost Worlds

29th December 2006 by michael
community | documentary | ephemera | film | historical | silent

wakefield gala
Wakefield Gala – clip (1920s?, 1.1MB, 23 sec.)

munitions factory
Munitions Factory – clip (1940s, 884KB, 21 sec.)

berry picking
Berry Picking – clip (1950s ?, 891KB, 20 sec.)

Three clips from the Yorkshire Film Archive in the UK.
& a glimpse of some lost worlds.
It’s a crime more of these films are not digitised & available
for immediate view & that the online documentation is so poor.
Makes one doubly thankful for the wonderful Prelinger Archive

Isaac Julien – DV and film work

28th December 2006 by doron
arts | community | documentary | experimental | film | movie | video

Encore 2
Encore II (radioactive) (2004, 11.5MB, 3:31 min.)

Isaac Julien is one of Britain’s most innovative and provocative filmmakers.
He has been involved with forging a new language around black representation.
Although his works largely retain a conventional narrative approach, they are shot
through with strategies which then serve to disrupt the stability of this narrative.
Above – Encore II from

Vagabondia (clip, 2000, 6.6MB, 1:46 min.)

EParadise Omeros
Paradise Omeros (clip, 2002, 24.5MB, 1:30 min.)

Baltimore (clip, 2003, 6.7MB, 2:15 min.)

War Photographer – Jason Forrest – Joel Trussell

27th December 2006 by doron
animation | arts | music video | satire

War Photographer
War Photographer (2005, 27.5 MB, 4:12 min.)

Animated music video with rock n roll Viking battles.
Directed by Joel Trussell for musician Jason Forrest.

Chinese Shorts

26th December 2006 by michael
arts | ephemera | experimental | movie | narrative | observational | video

Train by Yang Zhi Fei
‘Train’ by Yang Zhi Fei (2005, 1.8MB, 1:02 min)

here and there everywhere by Wang Weijie
‘here and there everywhere’ by Wang Weijie
(2005, 0.7MB, 1:00 min)

camera 0 by Ying Jian
‘camera 0’ by Ying Jian (2005, 1.8MB 1:00 min)

city space by Wei Na
‘city space’ by Wei Na (2005, 1.8MB 1:01 min)

Four recent Chinese shorts featured on the
(rather confusingly organised) site.
(Which site also boasts the rather alarming archive
category: science and miracles).
The site’s quality control is a bit variable,
however these four are great – despite image
quality not being brilliant, their sparkiness &
originality sing through.

Martina Dempsey – Ecstasy – Basement Screen

25th December 2006 by doron
arts | documentary | experimental | observational | video

Ecstasy (2005, 18MB, 7:53 min)

by Martina Dempsey from Basement screen.

Sacha Baron Cohen – Borat – American Football

22nd December 2006 by doron
arts | ball games | community | documentary odd | experimental | humor | satire | serial | sports | tv | video

American Football
American Football (2003, 10.1MB, 4:30 min.)

British chameleon Baron Cohen is portraying a spoof Kazakh
(Kazakhstan) television presenter Borat in his Da Ali G Show.

Shootin’ for Love by Matthew Page

21st December 2006 by doron
arts | movie | narrative | satire

Shootin’ for Love
shootin for love (2005, 30.1MB, 4 min.)

From the Moving Image Arts Department at the College of Santa Fe.
Written and directed by Matthew Daniel Page.

The Infectious Nature of Holiday Cheer

20th December 2006 by doron
arts | experimental | movie | satire

The Infectious Nature of Holiday Cheer
The Infectious Nature of Holiday Cheer (2004, 10.9MB, 3:31 min.)

Written & Directed by – Bill Hallinan. With Tim Whidden.