Run DMC – Christmas in Hollis

Christmas in Hollis
Christmas in Hollis (1987, 32MB, 4:02 min)

This vid is probably old news to a lot of you but it
passed me by completely in 87 (and the many times
too, apparently, it has since re-emerged on soundtracks &c.
I should get out more).
I love it. It makes me grin so wide I’m afraid my
head will fall off. Plus it’s seasonal.
This is our last post for 2010 so we’ll wish all of
you the happiest of holiday seasons & we’ll resume
posting on Jan 3rd.

Mapping Festival – Motomichi and Otto

Mapping Festival – Motomichi and Otto (2010, 100 MB, 5:25 min.)

Mapping Festival is organized by Modul8, the most popular VJ software in the
market and the venue “Usine / le Zo” is their primary space.
Here is a great collaboration at the event. Video mixing by Motomichi and
music performance by Otto von Schirach.

Monochrom – The Earth Has Been Destroyed

The Earth Has Been Destroyed
The Earth Has Been Destroyed (2010, 194MB, 5:06 min)

Something new from the splendidly sideways Austrian art/mischief wranglers
Monochrom is always welcome and this piece is no exception.
Absurd ( Popcorn for Chrissakes!!), just about hanging together,
but hanging together artfully nonetheless; even a little bit chilling too.

Other Monochrom stuff on DVblog.

Peter Campus – Three Transitions

Three Transitions (1973, 7 MB, 1:32 min.)

Peter Campus presents three introspective self-portraits that incorporate his dry humor.
Campus uses basic techniques of video technology and his own image to create
succinct, almost philosophical metaphors for the psychology of the self, articulating
transformations of internal and external selves, illusion and reality.

Alice in Wonderland, 1903.

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland (1903, 136MB, 9:32)

Enthralling first ever screen version of Alice in Wonderland
from 1903, lovingly restored by the folks at the BFI.
There’s no-one –no-one – who could not learn
something about film-making from this gem.
Nine minutes of sheer, grinning-with-joy delight.