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Bruce Conkle

31st July 2009 by michael
activism | arts | documentary arts | experimental | portraiture

Bruce Conkle (2009, 243MB, 5:32 min)

A very deftly made & absorbing documentary directed by Robert D’Esposito &
shot by Kevin Forrest about the excellent Portland, OR based artist Bruce Conkle.
It’s a bit of a download but worth it both as a nifty bit of filmmaking
(and everything is good – listen to that crystal clear sound!)
but also because Bruce’s work is great.
There’s a big fat HD version on the Vimeo link above ..

We’re leaving you with something chunky to contemplate
as we’re going to take a summer break now.
We’ll be back on September 14th (unless anything so
wonderful & time limited appears we just have to put our
Daiquiris down, shuffle into the house & post it…)
Have a good summer!

More Eddie Whelan

30th July 2009 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | new media art | remix/mashup | sports | video

Gold Medal Match (2009, 89MB 2:48 min)

Original editorial

Warhol TV at La Maison Rouge

29th July 2009 by doron
arts | community | exhibition | interview | tv

Warhol TV (2009, 40MB, 3:35 min.)

La Maison Rouge in Paris presents an exhibition about Andy Warhol

Two tiny Sporkworld loops

28th July 2009 by michael
arts | community | conceptual | documentary odd | experimental | humor | landscape | light | Lumière | narrative | observational | photography | silent | stop motion | video

A Small Spork Lumiere (2009, 3MB, 9 sec silent loop)

Fireworks (2009, 2MB, 43 sec silent loop)

Two from the ever reliable, delightful, and in its quiet & unassuming
(but frequently deadly – it’s the Columbo of art blogs) way, mould-breaking
Sporkworld Microblog, which if you don’t follow religiously, you should.
Ironically, given the setting, A Small Spork Lumiere could constitute a kind
of ostensive definition of dryness.

Laurie Johnson – Bleak House

27th July 2009 by michael
arts | experimental | music video | performance | portraiture | video

Bleak House (2009, 23MB, 1:34)

Assured & atmospheric piece from Laurie Johnson.
Interesting to compare it with previous work.
There’s a distinct sense of consolidation, of raising the game,
going on here.
One to watch.

Light Attack – Studio Daniel Sauter

24th July 2009 by doron
animation | architecture | arts | community | documentary arts | experimental | humor | light | new media art | participatory | technology

Light Attack (2004, 17MB, 4:55 min.)

Light Attack

‘uses a custom mobile projection setup installed in a car
to project an animated virtual character onto the cityscape.
Short pre-recorded video loops are arranged into seamless motion
patterns by the computer software, allowing interaction with the
architecture and passers-by in real-time.’

More from Studio Daniel Sauter.

Egg Meat Cheese – Aaron Valdez

23rd July 2009 by admin
animation | arts | community | humor | observational | remix/mashup | satire | tv | video | vlog

Egg Meat Cheese (2006, 11.6MB, 2:38 min.)

Aaron Valdez brings us this excellently
selected sampler from the American media diet.
(Videoblogging Week 2006, Day 2. Recorded 1:40 AM – 2 AM)

By Mica Scalin.


22nd July 2009 by doron
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21st July 2009 by michael
arts | documentary arts | experimental | new media art | performance | technology | theatre | video

Flight Patterns (2005, 22.9MB, 1:48 min.)

A String (2005, 43.5.9MB, 3:49 min.)

Documentation of two projects using the open source processing language.
A String was made by E.J.Gone for a performance at the National Theater
of Korea & Flight Patterns involves flight pattern visualizations from FAA
data parsed and plotted in ‘Processing’ by Aaron Koblin.
Fascinating & austerely beautiful.

More School of Athens – Eddie Whelan’s James Burke

20th July 2009 by michael
animation | arts | experimental | remix/mashup | strange | tv | video

James Burke (2009, 168MB 5:53 min)

There’s something -I don’t know –insouciant about these School of Athens folks.
That’s one of the definite links, a kind of throw away, thrown together quality, that teases
because I’d be equally unsurprised to learn that every second was laboured over mightily.
(Think not though, but of course that’s not a criticism. )
Of course the styles of the various “members” differ somewhat too.
Eddie Whelan seems to specialise in a rather garish but fetching pop surrealism.
I like the somewhat in your face and worn at the edges motion graphics as much
as I find genuinely evocative the appropriated beach (eclipse?) footage.
Also, what’s not to like about a movie featuring a minor BBC cult
science reporter of the 80s…
Whelan’s idosyncratic way with spelling engages rather than irritates
which for me at least is a bit of an acid test.
More from Eddie the Wheel in the next days and weeks.