The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema

The Pervert
The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema -Trailer (2007, 8.97MB, 1:06 min.)

Slavoj Žižek, philosophy’s PT Barnum, struts his stuff
con shed-loads of brio in this Sophie Fiennes directed opus.
Doesn’t seem to be much genuinely new (the terrible fate of
the celebrity academic being to be lionised for what we already
they’re going to do/say) but still vastly entertaining.

Tanja Riika Puustelli – Milking The Cow

Milking The Cow
Milking The Cow (2005, 6.6MB, 32 sec.)

Tanja Puustelli is a Finnish video artist and printmaker,
currently based in Sydney, Australia.
Milking The Cow is a screen printed video work featuring
a pornographic loop of a fellatio scene, accompanied by the
sound of a cow being milked into a metal bucket in sync with
the movement of the image. The material for the loop is extracted
from a 1972 classic pornographic film Deep Throat..

By Mica Scalin.

Peace Not War – Glass Bead Collective

Peace Not War
Peace not War(2007, 33.8MB, 1:06 min.)

Will this action/piece by the Glass Bead Collective hasten the
end of any war? Dunno – nice to think so, but I’m sceptical.
What it certainly does, though, is to add considerably to the
store of human wonder.
When we stop our lords & masters spending money on invasions,
& we’ve fed & housed everyone, then we should definitely
spend some of what’s left on high-powered projectors.

Estate Life

estate life
Estate Life (2007, 48.4MB, 5:16 min.)

Made earlier this year as part of Epping Forest Arts’ Homelife project,
this video features parkour work by a group of young people
from the Limes Farm Estate in Chigwell, UK.
In particular check out the sudden backflip off the garden
wall about half way through – scary!
Shot using conventional DV camera, stills camera, a cheap mpeg4 machine &
an inverted sugar bowl.
Video made by Michael Szpakowski with additional camera work
by Vicky Tebbs & Charlotte Harris.

Smolarski/Langager – <em>Robert Roth's 'Health Proxy'</em>

Robert Roth
Readings from ‘Health Proxy’ (2007, 32.7MB, 8:19 min.)

So..declaration of interest..Robert Roth is a friend of mine & I get mentioned in the book.
Nonetheless, if he was my worst enemy, I’d still say watch this, then .
Health Proxy is pretty much sui generis..the only comparisons I can think of being those fragmentary, diaristic things in the Japanese tradition:The Pillow Book or Essays in Idleness.
Of course Kenko & Sei Shonagon never wrote about baseball or AIDS,
nor were they animated by the massively warm oppositional & radical spirit we find here.
The video is a nice job too – not only is it elegantly made, but Langager and Smolarski
pass the documentary acid test of honouring their subject matter whilst still creating
something with a palpable sense of their authorship.

László Moholy-Nagy

Lichtspiel Schwarz, Weiss, Grau (clip) (1932, 12MB, 1:39 min.)

“Lichtspiel Schwarz, Weiss, Grau”, a doc concerning Moholy-Nagy’s kinetic sculpture,
the Light Space-Modulator. Moholy-Nagy believed the motion picture played a significant
role as both art & investigative tool.
‘Painting, photography, and film are parts of one problem although their techniques
may be entirely different. They belong to the same realm; that is, to visual expression,
where cross-fertilizations are possible.’

László Moholy-Nagy