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Afrobeats Week – #2 // D’Banj Oliver Twist Dance Competition

31st January 2012 by michael
arts | bliss | dance | music video | YouTube

 D' Banj Oliver Twist Dance Video Competition
D’ Banj Oliver Twist Dance Video Competition (2011, 33 MB, 1:57 min)

Afrobeats Week – #1 // 2Shy – Azonto Girl

30th January 2012 by michael
arts | bliss | dance | music video | YouTube

azonto girl promo 2shy
2 Shy: Azonto Girl(2011, 82 MB, 3:39 min)

Q: Why?
A: Because we can

ZDEN – emptyspaces

27th January 2012 by doron
arts | documentary arts | experimental | remix/mashup | vj

emptyspaces (2000, 31MB, 2:26 min)

Zdeno Hlinka aka ZDEN.
A multimedia artist from Slovakia who’s been a pioneer in
working with real-time and visual mixing.

Gabriel Shalom – Small Room Tango

26th January 2012 by michael
animation | experimental | music video | performance | technology | video

Small Room Tango
Small Room Tango (2007, 7.9MB, 3:43 min.)

Anyone who has attempted this kind of video-sampling-whilst-letting-the-
audio-determine-the-structure will now just how extremely bloody
difficult & fiddly
it all is.
Hats off bigtime, then, to Gabriel Shalom, who not only makes it look
natural & easy but even squeezes poetry from it.

Richard Jochum’s group self portraits

25th January 2012 by brittany
community | documentary arts | ephemera | photography | portraiture | video

Richard Jochum, Selfportrait as a Group #5 (2006, 14.5MB, 3:33)

Captured by Richard Jochum, proof that a photograph is much
more than we ever see: a collection, a collective process,
the self interconnected.

Comme un Chat Noir au Fond d’un Sac

24th January 2012 by brian
arts | cinema | film | movie | movie making | music video

comme un chat noir au fond d’un sac (2006, 18.4MB, 4:47 min)

A beautiful excerpt from Stephane Elmadjian’s feature film found
on composer Daniel Wohl’s website.
Starting off a bit intense it winds itself down and into some breathtaking stuff.

Joan Jonas – Waltz

23rd January 2012 by michael
arts | experimental | performance | video

Waltz (2003, 55.9MB, 7:04 min)

More ideas per second than many have in a lifetime & wonderful
& haunting & evocative & engaging & smart ones too.
She makes it look easy & natural. Think about it – bet it’s not.
A fantastic piece by veteran video artist/performer Joan Jonas found
on the invaluable Lumen Eclipse site.

Dark Continents 1 – Tyler Coburn

20th January 2012 by doron
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | remix/mashup | video

Dark Continents 1 (2007, 51 MB, 2:34 min.)

Video artist and animator Tyler Coburn‘s self conscious and rough use
of digital techniques presents a compelling parallel to Hollywood’s continual
and rapid movement toward the fantastically “real”.

Paul Rodriguez – the Mean Reds

19th January 2012 by michael
animation | community | conceptual | documentary arts | experimental | music video | performance | remix/mashup | video

Mean Reds
Mean Reds (2007, 11.6MB, 1:48 min)

Artist & filmmaker Paul Rodriguez made this rather good
(I particularly like the collage plus the loopy/scratchy business
towards the very end where he collages/edits the sound too)
music video in 2007.

He said:

‘I was planning on shooting my friends for a
documentary. Magically the Mean Reds were also
playing, so I decided to shoot them as well.
Months went by with me sitting on this footage.
Then I found my self printing out frames,
and doing collage on individual frames.’

iligili – Lulu PIP

18th January 2012 by doron
animation | arts | bliss | music | remix/mashup | viral

Lulu PIP (2009, 194 MB, 12:10 min.)

iligili has been doing hardcore pornography art and music videos
for over 25 years now. In the last decade he has been living in the Republic of Colombia
where he gets most of his inspiration for the upbeat, ‘in your face’ extravaganza.