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Arni & Kinski

30th June 2011 by brian
arts | music video | performance | video

glosoli (2005, 45.3MB, 6:14 min)

hoppipolla (2006, 34.7MB, 4:38 min)

Iceland’s own, Stefan Arni and Siggi Kinski, have provided
“pure aesthetic beauty” to back these two wonderful Sigur Ros tracks.

Found on their site.

Martin Archer live at The Grapes

29th June 2011 by michael
arts | documentary arts | music video | performance

Martin Archer
Martin Archer Live at The Grapes, Sheffield (2006, 85.8MB, 9:52 min)

Great vid made by Jonny Drury of Martin Archer, a unique
& towering figure in British (here I was going to interpolate experimental but that
doesn’t really do justice to the intensely personal soundworld Archer has
forged over the years – a combination of fierce poetry, a huge
intellectual range & hunger & a love affair with sound & how it
can be ordered & dis-ordered & where one now feels he knows
exactly where he’s going, so experimental feels in a way
like an impertinence) music of the past 25 years,
performing at The Grapes pub in his home town of Sheffield, UK.

If you like this do check out his site, where you can buy a
staggering diversity of recordings from over the years.

The WhetherMan

28th June 2011 by doron
archive | community | conceptual | humor | participatory | performance | satire | serial | video | vlog

03.07.06 (2006, 5.3MB, 1:54 min.)

03.12.06 (2006, 3.7MB, 1:08 min.)

03.17.06 (2006, 3.8MB, 1:13 min.)

Back in 2006, when video blogging just started, Andrew Schneider
was the funniest person on the internet.
From Astoria, Queens, it’s the whether|man.

Super Dog

27th June 2011 by michael
arts | community | landscape | observational | performance | portraiture | strange | video

Super Dog (2011, 20MB, 1:58 min)

You might remember that Pink Tall Bike brought
to you here previously by Mike Stoddart.
Now that gentle and slightly skewed sensibility*
brings you Super Dog.

*Not weird enough to qualify for surreal exactly,
but there is something about the way he makes them
that is, enough to notice (or to feel in one’s bones),
delightfully loopy & off kilter…

Jose Carlos Casado – 3D Animation work

24th June 2011 by doron
animation | arts | politics | satire | silent | video

Inside v.07
Inside.v04 (2001, 6.7MB, 1:51 min)

Newbody v.01e
Newbody.v01e (2004, 14.5MB, 3:32 min)

Two short animations from the series ‘Meat’ by Jose Carlos Casado.
Ideas of potential new forms, clones, and artificially
produced offspring are touched upon in ‘Inside.v04’
‘Newbody.v01e’ is kind of Hieronymus Bosch does the Olympics,
the stuff of nightmares & transcendent beauty too . The score, by
Sophocles Papavasilopoulos, is also a small masterpiece:
complex, yet self-effacingly serving the totality.

Ed Banger

23rd June 2011 by brian
animation | arts | music video

ed rec vol. 2 (2007, 9.7MB, 1:05 min)

Little animation for Ed Banger Records Ed Rec Vol. 2.
Music is by Mr Oizo.

Hey Ya – OutKast

22nd June 2011 by doron
arts | music video | performance | video

Hey Ya (2003, 80MB, 7:36 min)

“Hey Ya!” was a 2003 number-one single recorded by André 3000 of the
hip-hop duo OutKast.
The song’s music video, directed by Bryan Barber, features a performance,
styled in the manner of TV’s black and white era (although it’s in color).
It won the MTV Video Music Awards in 2004 for Video of the Year.

Takashi Kawashima – Seasons

21st June 2011 by michael
arts | documentary arts | performance | technology | video

Seasons (2006, 60.4MB, 15:25 min)

Work of heart-stopping delicacy & beauty from
Takashi Kawashima.

Some Very Sad News

20th June 2011 by michael
arts | community | conceptual | documentary arts | experimental | performance | technology

November (2006, 80.1MB, 9:41 min)

Last week we heard the shocking & terrible news
of the untimely death of Patrick Simons, half, with
Kate Southworth, of the artistic (and life) partnership,
Glorious Ninth.
He was a smart, imaginative, funny and warm person.
As a memorial we’re re-posting here a performance piece
they made a few years back with Ruth Catlow and
Marc Garrett of Furtherfield.
Appropriately you can read a tribute to Patrick from Ruth
and Marc here.
We’d like to express our deepest condolences to Kate, Bella and Aphra.

Here’s the copy from the original post in June 2007:

An enchanting piece of networked performance from
Kate Southworth & Patrick Simons a.k.a Glorious Ninth
with Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett from the indispensable

I’ve admired Kate & Patrick’s work for a long time,
partly for its sheer visceral beauty, but there’s
an integrity, too, to what they do, a doggedness &
a willingness, recently in particular, to take risks -to
follow their instincts.
I think it pays off richly here.
Here’s a technical, blow by blow description.
Read it then forget it & just go with the strange &
compelling rhythms of the piece:

is a performance that utilises peer-to-peer instant messaging
technology, and the participants were able to see and hear each other on their
computers throughout. Working with their own pre-chosen texts, each
participant alternated between reading aloud and listening, amending and
improvising their performances in response to each other. At times a
cacophony of competing voices, the performance was a spontaneous and
unrehearsed encounter, exposing moments of vulnerability, intimacy, connection
and rhythm.

Celebrating Halloween and the changing of the season, four
participants met online to exchange collected data whilst eating prepared
NOVEMBER is a networked performative encounter, recorded simultaneously
from Cornwall and London, UK.


17th June 2011 by doron
community | education | movie making | politics | video | vlog

Experiment (2006, 3.3MB, 1:20 min.)

2006: Michael Verdi takes a stand and stakes out
some videoblogging territory.