Jonathan Schipper – Opposition

Opposition (2005, 4.5MB, 1 min.)

Interactive kinetic sculpture from Jonathan Schipper performed at Pierogi gallery in 2005.
“Two participants are taken from the audience and buckled into the saddles on either
end of the machine. The participants are then lifted into the air. Both participants are provided
hand controllers that allow them to control the movement of the saddles, which are on
pneumatically powered gimbals, and the central rotation of the machine. Some movements
are shared and some affect only one or the other of the two participants. The function of each
input button on the controllers is changed by a computer on a regular basis so that the
participants can not gain full control of the machine. A rock and roll band is playing electric
instruments near by. The amplification for the band is turned on by the machine while the
machine is in the air. The band members (Outside Man) wear helmets that isolate the band,
who can not hear anything other than their own sounds. After a few minutes the participants
are brought back to the ground and released from the machine. The band is turned off and
the machine is ready for the next cycle.”

KontraKontrolle – by Roel Wouters and Luna Maurer

KontraKontrolle (2003, 8MB, 3:13 min.)

Performance during the Visual Power Show, Paradiso Amsterdam, October 2003
by Poly-Xelor (collaboration between Roel Wouters and Luna Maurer).
“KontraKontrolle is a performance concept where we literally stepped into the
computer-screen. By placing ourselves as icons (via bluescreen technique) on
top of the presenters screen we could interact live with the presenter’s actions.”

Curt Cloninger – Pop Mantra #3

Pop Mantra #3 (2008, 103MB, 9:53 min.)

The third in a series of performances where Curt Cloninger continuously
performs a short excerpt from a single pop song for several hours,
At OTO in Brooklyn, New York.

Excerpt: “tonight / wait, now” from The Ramones song “I Just Wanna Have Something To Do”
Duration: 6 Hours
Media: Electric Guitar, Voice, Black Felt Blindfold, Black Converse All Stars, Time
Read more here.

Earth to Earth – Nick Scott

Earth to Earth (2005, 23MB, 3:22 min.)

“This film was made according to the hardcore rules of Straight8, which gives
filmmakers a single roll of Super8, forcing them to edit in camera and shoot
every shot as a first take. You submit the exposed cartridge plus a separately
recorded soundtrack and hope that the two match up. Luckily ours turned out
OK and it was selected one of the straight8 Cannes finalists in 2005.

The idea came from having a crappy DVD player which kept skipping and I was
overcome by an incredible desire to drive a garden fork through the front of it –
you can see the result in the background.
We had great fun shooting the film, during which time it snowed heavily

Sally – by Roel Wouters and Luna Maurer

Sally (2005, 5MB, 2:23 min.)

Sally is a project by Poly-Xelor (collaboration between Roel Wouters
and Luna Maurer). Sally is a movie for the project ‘Grote kunst voor kleine mensen
and has been be presentend at cinekid 2005, @ the Stedelijk museum.
The movie shows marbles in a room. The gravitation of the room is variable
therefore the marbles will dance over the floor, walls and ceiling.