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Sorry I’m Late

29th May 2009 by brittany
arts | ephemera | humor | stop motion | video

Tomas Mankovsky – Sorry I’m Late (2009, 24.9MB, 3:11)

Lovely short film Sorry I’m Late.
Fun and engaging and very well done.
My only criticism: I know it’s important to
include proper credits, but must they be as
long as the piece itself?

Pierre Wayser – Renard Lumiere

28th May 2009 by michael
arts | experimental

Renard Lumiere (2007, 41.6MB, 9:32 min)

Recommended to us by the estimable Sam Renseiw, and rightly so.
Comes from this site which looks to be well worth detailed investigation.

What Makes Me White?

27th May 2009 by brittany
activism | documentary | education | interview | narrative

What Makes Me White? (2009, 9.4MB, 3:21)

New short film by award-winning director A.M. Sands
about race, privilege, memory, and experience.
What Makes Me White? official site.

History of video blogging – Vloggercon 2005

26th May 2009 by doron
activism | advertising | community | ephemera | experimental | historical | participatory | video | vlog

europe-vloggercon (2005, 6.7MB, 1:35 min.)

by Anders from –

also, history and Video blogging.

More Kev Flanagan

25th May 2009 by michael
arts | experimental | nature | observational | silent | video

Tea Tree (2008, 12.3MB, 2:24 min)

Waterball (2008, 20.9MB, 2:23 min)

Not that much to add to what we’ve said before.
More work, careful, modest, austere and somehow darkly
(& I don’t just mean the light or lack of) beautiful, from Kev Flanagan.

3 Poems from August Kleinzahler

22nd May 2009 by michael
arts | documentary arts | education | event | literature | performance | poetry

3 Poems (2008, 21.3MB, 6:05 min)

Extracted from a longer video recorded at the Unversity of Chicago
last year.
To my shame I knew nothing of Kleinzahler’s work until I read about him
in the Guardian a couple of weeks ago.
To my great surprise ‘Before Dawn on Bluff Road’ ( from the Guardian article)
had me blubbing like a baby.
Anyway – see what you think to the three here.

The Clock Clock

21st May 2009 by brittany
arts | conceptual | design | ephemera

Humans Since 1982 – The Clock Clock (2009, 3.3MB, 1:03)

By Humans Since 1982
Via the YouTube

Jessica Meuninck-Ganger and Nathaniel Stern

20th May 2009 by michael
arts | drawing | exhibition | experimental | installation | new media art | printmaking | technology | video

At Sea (2009, 2.8MB, 20 secs, silent)

Floating Worlds (2009, 4.6MB, 20 secs, silent)

Meninas (2009, 3MB, 20 secs, silent)

Floating Worlds (2009, 6.3MB, 19 secs, silent)

Documentation of work of surpassing loveliness & smarts both, from Jessica Meuninck-Ganger
& Nathaniel Stern*** as they meld digital photo frames, printing and drawing into a hybrid form
which probably has no right to work but so does.
Says Nathaniel:
“These works premiered at the Armoury Gallery in Milwaukee, on a show called Night Work.
Some will be at Elaine Erickson gallery in June, at the Museum of Wisconsin Art in July, and 10-15 from the series will be on a large show at Gallery AOP in Johannesburg in Jan/Feb 2010.

***”The Nathaniel Stern?” I hear you gasp, “He of the infamous Wikipedia Art affair?
None but, gentle viewer, none but…

New Friends – David Shrigley

19th May 2009 by brittany
animation | humor

David Shrigley – New Friends (2009, 4.5MB, 1:00)

From David Shrigley
Because who doesn’t like new friends?

Reynald Drouhin – Stamina

18th May 2009 by doron
arts | conceptual | documentary | experimental | participatory | video

Dans le bain (1998, 32MB, 5:14 min.)