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Nigel Ayers – Soul Zodiac

31st January 2008 by michael
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | exhibition | experimental | music video | remix/mashup

Soul Zodiac (2007, 6.4MB, 2:12 min)

Interesting documentation of a piece recently shown at
Newlyn Art Gallery by Cornish based artist Nigel Ayers.
The zodiacal stuff leaves me a bit cold but the sound is utterly wonderful,
and the simple yet elegant & effective presentation is great too.

Heroes of the Revolution – Marina Zurkow

30th January 2008 by doron
animation | arts | documentary arts | humor | installation | silent

Heroes of the Revolution (excerpt) (2007, 31.5 MB, 3:31 min.)

Marina Zurkow works with character and narrative in animated cartoons,
interactive installations, print and pop objects.
‘Heroes of the Revolution’ is an animation loop for all-in-one aluminum framed wall unit,
using two custom PCs and four widescreen monitors.

from New Frontier on Main.

Quiet City

29th January 2008 by brittany
arts | cinema | ephemera | film | movie | trailer

Quiet City (2007, 11.2MB, 1:52)

Stunning, reflective trailer for Quiet City,
a movie by Aaron Katz, available from Benten Films.
These are my favorite kinds of films.
I love living in – being in – cities, but I prefer them
when they are their most silent and empty.
Text loosely taken from the Apple trailer site, edited by me:
Together, Samantha and Charlie, two somewhat aimless youths,
share twenty-four hours drifting from late night diners, to city parks,
to abandoned apartments, to a party and art gallery deep in the heart
of industrial Brooklyn. Delicately realized with generous humanity,
Quiet City offers hope for intimate connection in a world that grows
larger by the day.

Invisible Threads: Sweatshop Jean Factory in Second Life

28th January 2008 by doron
activism | arts | community | conceptual | design | documentary arts | experimental | satire | second life | video

Invisible Threads (2008, 18.3 MB, 2:53 min.)

Stephanie Rothenburg & Jeff Crouse will be producing designer blue jeans.
Styles include boot cut, skinny leg, flare and the new “Boyfriend” trousers.
Profits from these purchases will be used to maintain the factory and pay for

Almodovar โ€“ Volver trailer

25th January 2008 by michael
arts | cinema | film | narrative | performance | politics

Volver trailer
Volver trailer (2006, 30 MB, 1:38 min)

A long time ago I sat stony faced and unmoved through the much lauded
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown & concluded,
quite wrongly, that Almodovar was not for me.
In 2006 about him by Bob Light in the UK Socialist Worker
prompted me to go & see his latest movie, Volver,
& I’m so glad I did – it’s simply magnificent.
Since then I’ve done a bit of catching up.

Eyes on the Fair Use of the Prize

24th January 2008 by brittany
activism | arts | documentary | education | film | historical | politics | video

Eyes on the Fair Use of the Prize (2006, 20.9MB, 2:19)

Another important, striking piece from the
Media That Matters Film Festival 6.
The filmmaker, Jacob Caggiano, is a young man who I
believe is even younger than me, and according to him,
the whole short film came together at the last minute.
I think this is a beautiful effort.

Izzy Video – Breaking the Rules

23rd January 2008 by doron
community | education | movie making | serial | technology | video | vlog

Breaking the Rules (2007, 8.7MB, 2 min.)

‘..I thought it might be interesting to have one episode devoted to breaking the rules.
This was a fun one for us’
Some more DV tutorials – here.
From Izzy Video.

Brian Gibson – A

22nd January 2008 by brittany
arts | conceptual | ephemera | silent | video

Brian Gibson – A (2007, 11.1MB, 0:25)

DVblog’s own Brian Gibson made this, and I love it.
Maybe I just suck with lights and filters and editing,
but I don’t know how he does this.
Really charming.

Snow Mirror – Daniel Rozin

21st January 2008 by doron
arts | documentary arts | experimental | silent | technology | video

Snow Mirror (2006, 3.1 MB, 1:56 min.)

Snow Mirror is the first in a series of pieces that celebrate slowness
and black and white, in this piece the image of the viewer is created
by the congregation and accumulation of white snow flakes in areas of
the image that are brighter. The result is projected on a transparent silk
fabric which creates a feeling of the flakes being suspended in space.

by Daniel Rozin. from New Frontier on Main.

What is Joppa?

18th January 2008 by brittany
ephemera | humor | serial | video

What Does Joppa Mean? (2007, 41.7MB, 3:34)

Where the hell am I going to get $10,000,000? (2007, 22.7MB, 1:57)

I’m not usually a fan of Internet video series,
but I LOVE Joppa.
Here are the first two episodes of the series,
including the infectious intro that first got me hooked.
I think the first season is the best, still sort of raw.
Produced by four adorable guys who live on the
northern Massachusetts coast, Joppa asks important
questions like “How much is that in hands?”, “Is jive
a language?”, and “Isn’t the Lupus like a giant rabbit?”
I rarely laugh so hard.

popular online pharmacy

via Joppa on blip.tv