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Curt Cloninger – cannonball

31st August 2007 by doron
conceptual | dance | documentary odd | music video | performance | remix/mashup | strange | technology

cannonball (1996, 32.6MB, 3:35 min.)

Hi all,
This was recorded at the Blockbuster Video grand opening in Daphne,
Alabama, US, on December 6, 1996. They had a video karaoke machine
with a bluescreen, and you could choose your song and they would tape
you and give you a copy of the videotape. I think I might have also
had the option to select “Sci-fi” background or something like that.
The whole process took about five minutes and this was the result.

Some close friends refer to this as the highlight of my artistic
career, and sometimes I am inclined to agree with them.

Dopeness by Ted Passon

30th August 2007 by doron
arts | music video | satire | video

dopeness (2007, 24MB, 2:18 min.)

Plastic Little MC Nobody’s Child (aka Kurt Hunte) is a
pop-locking doctor who makes his rounds with dancing
nurses and patients. Music video by Ted Passon.

More Scritti Politti

29th August 2007 by michael
arts | historical | music video | performance | video

Boom There She Was
Boom There She Was (1988, 19.6MB, 4:12 min)

Hypnotize (1985, 7.91MB, 3:26 min)

More stuff, both wonderful & ineffably strange, from the great Scritti Politti.
I defy you not to be utterly exhilirated ( at the same time as hating yourself a little bit)
by premise & execution both of BTSWand
what is going on with the see-saw stuff at the end of the
Hypnotize vid!?
Video makers of the world, the race is on to rehabilitate & assimilate this move
into our vocabulary..

Joseph Chomiak – down and out

28th August 2007 by doron
arts | film | humor | narrative | performance | portraiture | satire | silent

down and out (2006, 15.3MB, 2:35 min.)

A silent comedy from undergroundfilm.
by Joseph Chomiak.

Guthrie Lonergan

27th August 2007 by michael
arts | conceptual | ephemera | humor | new media art | observational | participatory | satire | video

Guthrie Lonergan1
#3 (2006, 0.3MB, 4 sec)

Guthrie Lonergan2
#5 (2006, 0.3MB, 7 sec)

Guthrie Lonergan3
#6 (2006, 1.9MB, 4 sec)

Says Tom Moody: Recommended: Guthrie Lonergan’s 9 Short Music Videos.
Reminiscent of BEIGE’s cheesy blue (green?) screen vids,
each is built around some corporate sound
(ringtone, Microsoft boot-up noise, DVD intro)
that craps up our daily lives. Also good:

Guthrie Lonergan4
Bricks (2006, 5.9MB, 1:12 min)

Holographic Wainscoting – Drift

24th August 2007 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | video


Drift (2007, 199MB, 10:20 min)

Last in our series of pieces from Carl Burton.
Don’t be put off by the file size of this piece -it’s
definitely worth the wait.

Wind Along the Coast – Ivan Maximov

23rd August 2007 by doron
animation | arts | narrative | video

Wind Along the Coast
Wind Along the Coast (2003, 47.8 MB, 6:50 min.)

A lyrical and funny story about the hard life of a village on the coast
suffering from the high winds.
The project was made possible by funding from the Russian ministry of culture
and the ‘Gubernia’ foundation of social culture programs.
Music: D. Kramer – A. Kuznetsov (after ‘Sea Journey’ by Chick Corea)
(thanks Genia).

atmo – The Voice

22nd August 2007 by doron
community | documentary | ephemera | politics | satire

The Voice (clip) (2004, 7.9 MB, 1:36 min.)

atmo was founded in 2000 by a handful of friends who shared years
of free-lance filmmaking and reporting from places like Bosnia, Beirut and South Africa.
Johan Söderberg has lip-synced some of the most hated and loved people in history.

A Fluxus Re-enactment: A Walk Into the Sea

21st August 2007 by michael
arts | community | conceptual | experimental | film | historical | performance

A Walk Into the Sea
A Walk Into the Sea (2006, 21.3MB, 3:55 min.)

Re-enactment by Zach Layton of Ben Vautier’s 1963
performance a walk into the sea.

Beating Google

20th August 2007 by doron
activism | community | education | ephemera | satire | video | vlog

beating (2006, 4.8MB, 46 sec)

Rudy Adler piece on the excellent,
protesting Google’s spineless policy of assisting
Chinese government censorship.
Check out this site, there’s some great stuff there.
Even better, make a short & relevant movie & send it in.