Errol Morris: Donald Trump on Citizen Kane

Donald Trump on Citizen Kane (2004, 40.2MB, 3:22 min.)

by Errol Morris.
‘The last thing one would imagine Donald Trump talking about is Citizen Kane,
what many believe to the greatest film ever made, but here he is talking about
in one of the aborted projects by Errol Morris — like he has lived it, like he is a
reincarnation of Charles Foster Kane. The beauty is not just in the Errol Morris
meditative style or even what Trump has to say about Citizen Kane but what we
want to see. Mainly, that Trump’s life mirrors that of Kane and that this real life
epic character sees his own tragedy.
Talking about wealth, he says ‘In real life, wealth does in fact isolate you from other
people…it is a protective mechanism’. That quote speaks volumes. The salesman is
poking holes into his much marketed life. Asked on what advice he would give
Charles Foster Kane, Trump says boldly: ‘Get yourself a different woman!’.

Grant Orchard – Basketball

Basketball (2007, 13.5MB, 1:57 min.)

Director Grant Orchard joined Studio aka in 1997, and soon gained attention
for his idiosyncratic design and his ability to approach projects from many
different angles. He has created TV commercials for clients as diverse as Compaq,
Virgin and Orange. Grant has won two prestigious D&AD awards and achieved recognition
for his first independent short film WELCOME TO GLARINGLY.
He subsequently created 10 mini-films for QOOBtv under the banner LOVESPORT.
– from the shining Lumen Eclipse.

Business – Junu Ahn

Business (2007, 67.9MB, 9:33 min)

I find it easier to admire this piece, to respect its clear integrity,
than to actually like it much – it’s a pretty hardcore glitch
assemblage & it doesn’t let up …oooooh noooo… not at all
(Strikes me as a bit of a video analog for something like Lou Reed’s (in)famous
It’ll be interesting to see where Junu Ahn goes next…

Hanns Eisler – ‘Composing for the Films’

White Flood clip 1
‘White Flood’ – clip 1 (1940-2, 1.1 MB, 30 sec.)

A Child Went Forth clip
‘A Child Went Forth’ – clip (1940-2, 1.4 MB, 30 sec.)

White Flood clip 2
‘White Flood’ – clip 2 (1940-2, 661 KB, 29 sec.)

Easily the most interesting of all Brecht’s composer collaborators
& in flat contradiction to the current myth spread by those
who dislike his politics, by far the better composer than the rather
dull Weill, Hanns Eisler’s keen intellect turned to questions of film in his
exile in the USA in the early forties.
Under the auspices of the New School & funded by the Rockefeller foundation
Eisler conducted an intensive investigation of the relationship between
film & music , often involving him writing new music to already existing footage.
You can see some of this footage here – but what you really need to do is to listen.
There is no-one who could not learn something from the amazing way Eisler
deploys music here.
After the project, Eisler went on to write, with Theodore Adorno,
himself no slouch intellectually (& also a practicing composer),
one of the key books on music & the movies –‘Composing for the Films’
These clips come from the website for a new edition of the book
released with a companion DVD documenting much of the Rockefeller experimentation.

Clouds by John Murphy

Clouds…Courts (2007, 10MB, 4:45 min.)

Clouds…Words (2007, 7.85MB, 3:35 min.)

John Murphy is an Irish artist living and working in Madrid Spain.
Clouds…Courts shows us the late afternoon sky and we hear
Craig Murray formerly UK’s Ambassador to Uzbekistan
speaking about torture and England’s role in the Iraq war.

In Clouds…Words we hear about ways to die in Iraq, according
to a BBC journalist while watching the early spring sky in Madrid.

‘Erection’ by John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Erection John Lennon
Erection (1971, 180MB, 18:06 min.)

A nineteen-minute film by John and Yoko, which was made in London during
1970 and 1971. When John had heard that the London International Hotel was
to be built in Kensington, he sought permission to film its entire construction.
Once he’d obtained it he contacted the photographer Iain MacMillan and asked
him to take a series of photographs of the construction. MacMillan had a stills
camera and filmed the erection of the hotel from a fixed position for a period
of eighteen months.
The stills were presented in sequence in the film, which ended with a shot of the
completed hotel where all the lights were then turned off, leaving a black screen.
On the soundtrack Yoko sang two songs, ‘Airmale’ and ‘You’, using tapes of recordings
of Joe Jones Tone Deaf Music Co., which was, in fact, a number of toy percussion
instruments that played themselves, a squeaky style of sound devised by a former
associate of Yoke’s Fluxus days, Joe Jones. The hotel was situated at 147 Cromwell
Road and later became the London Swallow Hotel.

Douglas Fishbone

Towards a Common Understanding (excerpt)
Towards a Common Understanding (excerpt) (2007, 9.4MB, 6:50min)

Douglas Fishbone is one of my favorite video art jokesters.
He leaves no stone unturned in his search for a common
understanding, which takes him to the furthest reaches
of the world wide web and back.
I have been trying to find a video of his online to
include here for a while now, then I just asked him and
he graciously sent me this video for the faithful DVBlog viewers.
Beware, there are many disturbing images in this video but none
of them on screen for more than a few seconds and all quite spectacular.

By Mica