Must Read After My Death

Must Read After My Death – Morgan Dews (2007, 23.9MB, 1:47)

When a Hartford couple turns to psychiatry for help
with their marriage in 1960, things quickly spiral out
of control. Couples counseling, individual and group
therapy and 24-hour marathon sessions ensue. Their
four children suffer and are given their own psychiatrists.
Pills are prescribed, people are institutionalized, shock-therapy
is administered. This is an intimate story in the family

Under Scan by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Under Scan (2005, 31MB, 9:51 min.)

“Under Scan” is a public art installation based on self-representation.
Thousands of “video-portraits” taken in Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Northampton
and Nottingham are projected onto the ground; at first, the portraits are not
visible because the space is flooded by white light coming from a high-powered
projector. As people walk around the area, their shadows are cast on the ground,
revealing the video-portraits in short sequences.
By Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

Bram Crevits and Pall Thayer on Obama

Pall Thayer – Inaugurationanimation (2009, 300MB, 49:56)

As far as I know, none of us at DVblog have become
infected with Obamania. Doesn’t mean we don’t
appreciate the fine art of the remix or dig hope.

First, from Bram Crevits of Cinamatics,
Obama’s Berlin speech, composed entirely of video shot
on cell phones. Remember when the gaze was
given to us by the TV news? Now we give it back.

Second, from Pall Thayer, a silent
animation piece of the entire inauguration.
Free to download and remix as you like. We like.

Both of these pieces surprise and amaze me by the
amount of work they must have taken to compile.
Painstaking, no? Unless these gentlemen know
something I do not, these are labor-intensive pieces
in their own respective ways. Lovely and timely.

stapelia ophelia

Stapelia Ophelia (2005, 2.7MB, 1:23 min.)

‘The corpse flower’ in the window is getting louder, I can hardly
think. There is no running away from the smell, the sound is
deafening if you listen closely. The flowers keep coming back, I
cannot stop them. There is wind & rain as well, now, as I am seeing
the clip much later, the elements without which the day would be void.