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Nathaniel Stern – the odys series

28th February 2007 by michael
arts | community | conceptual | documentary arts | experimental | new media art | performance | video

the storyteller
the storyteller (2001-4, 13.3MB, 2:24 min.)

Six pieces originally shown as a gallery installation.
Says their creator, the artist Nathaniel Stern :
‘The odys series consists of six short digital video poems / monologues for
small screen viewing in an intimate gallery space. By stuttering between
odys actions and words, listeners construct his person. As he attempts
to re-member, bringing the past back to his body and calling it his own,
listeners attempt to piece together a story for themselves. Viewers are
encouraged to re-visit and jump over juxtaposed media, and create a
shifting collage of, and in response to, his person.’

This is work of huge ambition both aesthetically & technically &
it’s brave and it’s edgy, sometimes to the point of being uncomfortable to
watch. Neither does Stern fear engaging with complex & difficult ideas.
Definitely worth more than one viewing.

noise (2001-4, 11.4MB, 2:08)

they may be giant
they may be giant (2001-4, 12.3MB, 2:06 min.)

multiplicity (2001-4, 5.3MB, 1:17 min.)

upstandard (2001-4, 14.2MB, 2:24 min.)

itown (2001-4, 14.6MB, 2:32 min.)

Sacha Baron Cohen – Borat on Republicans

27th February 2007 by doron
documentary odd | ephemera | humor | performance | politics | satire | serial | strange

Borat on Republicans
borat on republicans (2004, 9.1MB, 4:10 min)

“Lunch with Arizona Republican Committee”

More Borat.
Official Borat Homesite.

More Athens strangeness

26th February 2007 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | performance | satire

Dance, Motherfucker, Dance! (2006, 7.4MB, 3:22 min)

Epiphany (2006, 1.9MB, 11 sec loop)

From the town that brought you Boling & Morales here’s more,
this time from John Crowe of ‘plural medium’
Is it something in the water or just that unrelenting Southern sun
that seems to make Athens a crucible of weirdness?
Be afraid, be very afraid &c.

Music for the delicately entitled Dance, Motherfucker, Dance! by the
Violent Femmes.

Google Gaaagled

23rd February 2007 by michael
activism | animation | arts | community | politics | satire | viral | vlog

The Adventures of Confucius
The Adventures of Confucius (2006, 8.5MB, 36 sec.)

Heartbroke’n and Gaaagle’d (2006, 1.9MB, 52 sec.)

Couple of movies from gaaagle.com,
a site thhat was set up to protest & satirize Google’s
decision last year to see, rather than do,
no evil.

Open Sesame

22nd February 2007 by doron
animation | arts | community | ephemera | video | YouTube

open sesame (2005, 23MB, 3:09 min.)

“a rare non “youtube” homemade video…these are
slowly going extinct…nice music”

from – del.icio.us/cory_arcangel

Jennifer Proctor – Two movies

21st February 2007 by michael
animation | arts | experimental | video

Hickory Hill
Hickory Hill (2004, 10.1MB, 2:02 min)

Surfacing (2003, 8MB, 2:25 min)

Engaging & sensitive work from Jennifer Proctor.
What is the word for video..like..painterly for
painters?..well, these videos are that word.

Super Cool is Cary Peppermint

20th February 2007 by doron
arts | conceptual | experimental | interview | performance | satire | video

Super Cool
Super Cool (2005, 14.4MB, 2:30 min)

Humorous faux interview of sorts with ecoarttech,
Cary Peppermint and Christine Nadir.

Lunch with Jan

19th February 2007 by michael
activism | arts | cooking | interview | stop motion | video | vlog

Lunch (1992, 18.3MB, 7:03 min)

Splendidly dark & funny stop motion ‘n’ prosthetics work from
the fearless (& peerless) Czech surrealist Jan Švankmajer.

Rupert Howe – FatGirlInOhio -2 cell phone movies.

16th February 2007 by michael
arts | cellphone | conceptual | documentary odd | ephemera | experimental | video | vlog

Falafel (2006, 1MB, 43 sec)

ShotCutScoredAndPostedByEmailFromMyNokia93Phone (2007, 2.4MB, 2:41 min)

I’ve been reflecting a lot recently on how, whatever is the ostensible
subject of movies, they are all in some sense ‘about’ everything we see
in every frame
. And with the passing of time how this often becomes
more true as if, like a dog from water, the meaning is shaking itself out.
The Bas Jan Ader ‘falling’ movies exemplify this ( & how poignantly!) for me –
their conceptual motor aside, I remain most haunted by their background landscapes..
Rupert Howe of FatGirlInOhio brings this sharply to mind –
the subject might be a morning jog or Falafel but the totality of each movie
contains some of the best evocation of the glory & the grime that is
2007 London I’ve yet seen. That doesn’t exhaust it, of course, which is why this
work is deft & it is fine.
He is gravely mistaken about the Falafel though – undoubtedly the
best Falafel in London is at Gaby’s on the Charing Cross Road…

Trailers – Recuts – Twists and Turns

15th February 2007 by doron
arts | cinema | conceptual | experimental | film | remix/mashup | satire | trailer

The Shining
The Shining (2005, 9.5MB, 1:24 min.)

Stanley Kubrick classic horror as a romantic-comedy family flick.
A masterful trailer cut by Robert Ryang.

Le Lion Devenu Vieux
Sleepless In Seattle (2005, 19.4MB, 58 sec.)

This is what happens when the ultimate chick flick gets
the horror/thriller trailer treatment from – Demis Lyall-Wilson.