Take a Chance on Me

ABBA – Take a Chance on Me (1978, 9.9MB, 3:55)

I have an unnatural obsession with ABBA, and thankfully,
Doron already posted one of their classic and amazing
music videos.
Let’s break this one down a little, though it’s clearly enjoyable
without my commentary.
First off, the ABBA couples broke up, but at least they didn’t
go the way of my favorite stateside 70’s quartet, Fleetwood
Mac. No reason to partner-swap, folks.
Anni-Frid (Frida – the brunette) tends to be my favorite.
In this video, we find her repeatedly half-winking and
jumping in place.
Also, I would like to own her blue sweater and those boots.
When she puts on those yellow headphones and starts
dancing for Benny, I can totally understand why he ends up
chasing after her in the last few moments of the video. Her
moves, at times, make this whole video.
The cross-fades between lovers faces are priceless.
Isn’t it also pretty amazing when Agnetha throws her head
back and that giant red spotlight takes her place on the word
“magic”? It is magic.
With the screen cut into quadrants and that unbeatable soft
focus, I could not be more serious when I say this is music
video history worth preserving.

Skye Bender-deMoll

Skye Bender-deMoll – Organic Brand Ownership Networks (2007, 9MB, 0:18)

We love moving charts and maps, in case you couldn’t tell.
This one, from Skye Bender-deMoll, features organic food brands
circa late 2007, and their often overlooked connections.
The yellow nodes are food processors, blue are investment firms,
green are organic brands, and red are new organic brand introductions.

via Another Limited Rebellion

Nameless Films

Croque Quartet
Croque Quartet (2007, 29.5MB, 2:05 min)

I Didn’t Say That (2007, 45.8MB, 3:14 min)

Writer, musician, artist & general polymath Talan Memmott turns his attention
to film in this series of shorts made in collaboration with Sandy Florian.
They say
Nameless is a collaboration between Sandy Florian and Talan Memmott…
they make excessively short experimental narrative films, mostly in Paris…

Short they may be but Florian & Memmott’s works are assured, quirky,
evocative & entertaining.
You can see the whole series to date here .

The Loneliness of the Species

Krista Birnbaum – Agatha and Bernice (2006, 35.2MB, 4:12)

The Loneliness of the Species is a three-video series
by Krista Birnbaum, featuring little white mice friends
and their respective teacups. The first features a mouse
named Constance, who roams his china playground alone.
The second (seen here) and third videos show the coming
together of Agatha and Bernice. A pleasure for animal
lovers, a simple, elegant piece about companionship and solitude.

Yogin – John Hanrahan

Yogin (2008, 57 MB, 3:15 min.)

“Yogin is a 3 minute short animation I created for my MFA thesis.
I am responsible for everything but the musical score.
It is the story of a brash young yogi challenging an old master to
a yoga battle. The egotistical challenger thinks he has what is
necessary to take on the master however he fails to realize there
is more to yoga then physical postures.”
Wonderfulness from John Hanrahan.