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Jim Punk & Antonio Mendoza – Dysleksic

30th November 2012 by michael
adaptation | arts | collaboration | datamoshing | event | exhibition | experimental | hacking | installation | new media art | performance | process/systems | remix/mashup | video

dudeboat (2012, 2 MB, 11 secs)

misteriosoxxx (2012, 4 MB, 41 secs)

Slightly traducing the spirit of the project where
the two artists mix, hack and otherwise mutate
and abut up to 9 videos simutaneously in the same web page
as a (very welcome) online adjunct to the current Drawing Surrealism
show at LACMA, we’re featuring a couple of the component parts.
(Because we love both these artists and we want to publicise
everything they do, which is never, ever, dull.)
To view it properly go (and keep on going back) to the
project page and to learn more go here.

Will Goss – Penmanship

29th November 2012 by michael
arts | experimental | strange | video

Penmanship (2010, 75 MB,2:59 min)

Is that an actor, or frighteningly, is it appropriated documentary
of some normally little viewed, fringe sort?

The Good Consumer – Neil Boorman

28th November 2012 by brittany
activism | arts | commerce | education | satire | video

The Good Consumer (2008, 18.2MB, 5:27)

In honor of , a satirical video about
being a good consumer. BND falls on Nov. 28 in North
America, but everyone else “celebrates” on Nov. 29.
So this whether this video is right on time for you or
a day early, we’re still pretty sure you will appreciate
the message.
Made by Neil Boorman from Bonfire of the Brands.

Will Goss – Failure is an Option

27th November 2012 by michael
arts | bliss | experimental | remix/mashup | strange | video

Failure is an Option (2010, 53 MB, 2:03 min)

More rum goings-on from the prodigously talented Will Goss.
Is that the Kalevala?
More on Thursday.

Kino Da!

26th November 2012 by michael
activism | archive | arts | documentary arts | education | experimental | historical | observational | politics | portraiture

Kino Da! (1981, 5.6 MB,1:42 min )

Kino Da! , a wonderful portrait of the poet and communist Jack Hirschman
by the American experimental filmmaker Henry Hills is just one of the Hills films
that can be viewed at . More about Hills and his work see –

PS There is a marvellous DVD of Hill’s work now available. I have a copy and I
unreservedly recommend it. I come back to it time and time again.

Matt McCormick and The Shins

23rd November 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | music video | nature | observational | photography | video

Matt McCormick – The Past and Pending (2003, 34MB, 5:17)

Matt McCormick – Australia (2007, 29MB, 3:57)

Matt McCormick is one of those heroes I never knew I had.
He makes insanely tight music videos and local commercials
around the Portland area, in addition to being a friend to hipster
bands and a musician himself.
These are two award-winning videos for the band The Shins,
who I’ve posted from before, though I have no affiliation or
particular love for them.
They just end up extra special on film, especially through
McCormick’s visions of A-Team remakes and leisurely photo drives.

David Olmos//José M. Sánchez-Verdú – Paisajes del placer y de la culpa

22nd November 2012 by michael
adaptation | arts | collaboration | music | narrative | performance | tv | video | YouTube

Paisajes del placer y de la culpa #1
Paisajes del placer y de la culpa #1 (2008, 119MB, 7:49 min)

Paisajes del placer y de la culpa #1
Paisajes del placer y de la culpa #2 (2008, 74MB, 4:52 min)

José M. Sánchez-Verdú is a Spanish composer who creates richly textured and
sensuous music in an uncompromisingly contemporary idiom.
His richness is no frippery but properly fought for and won.
Here is a short movie, in two parts, made by David Olmos, about whom I can find
no information whatsoever, which blends a fictional narrative with footage of
an orchestral performance of one of Sánchez-Verdú’s works
Paisajes del placer y de la culpa – Landscapes
of Pleasure and Guilt.
The film is undoubtedly skillfully made but I remain slightly agnostic
about its premise or even necessity; however no such doubts about some
of the most extraordinary music of recent years.
I grabbed the film from YouTube and as you can see the image quality isn’t great
although in some ways the graininess appeals and seems apposite to the subject.

David Askevold – Nova Scotia Fires

21st November 2012 by michael
arts | conceptual | exhibition | experimental | historical | landscape | nature

Nova Scotia Fires
Nova Scotia Fires (1969, 5MB, 3:00 min)

I hadn’t, to my shame, heard of the late David Askevold until the Camden Arts Centre
put on a beautifully put together and gripping retrospective last year.
Here’s one of the pieces on show then. It’s not particularly great quality plus
it’s in a tiny window but it does conjure (perhaps an appropriately Askevoldian
choice of word) something of the impact -witty, smart and otherwordly – of his work.

* and there’s a good review of that here.

More from Martin Rychlicki

20th November 2012 by michael
animation | arts | audio | collaboration | music video | video

TyryTyry (2012, 133MB, 2:06 min)

Nice bit of work from Polish film maker and musician Martin Rychlicki, who also
trades as DJ Gacmaster & GacPax,
for a track by DJ Investor.
We’ve featured Rychlicki’s rather winning work here before and no doubt will again.

Gabriel Klasmer – Efes One

19th November 2012 by doron
abstract | arts | documentary arts | participatory | process/systems

Efes One (2001, 71MB, 6 min.)

Slapstick documentation of artist Gabriel Klasmer doing
his processed abstract paintings in 2001.