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16 Military Wives – Decemberists

30th March 2007 by admin
arts | music video | satire | video

16 Military Wives
16 Military Wives (2005, 30MB, 4:48 min.)

Aaron Stewart-Ahn’s video for The Decemberists.
won the Music Video of 2006 at the Plug Awards.

By Mica Scalin.

Nick and Sheila Pye – The Paper Wall

29th March 2007 by doron
arts | experimental | film | video

The Paper Wall (2006, 10.6MB, 2:56 min.)

from – [PAM]

Seventeen Evergeen – Haven’t Been Yourself

28th March 2007 by doron
arts | music video | video

Seventeen Evergeen (2006, 52MB, 4:08 min.)

Seventeen Evergeen “Haven’t Been Yourself (Lucky Number Music)”.
From their myspace.

Directed by Encyclopedia Pictura.

Film to Fiber

27th March 2007 by admin
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | exhibition | experimental | happening | interview | performance | video

Knitpro (2005, 19.7MB, 3:18 min.)

Cat Mazza and Sabrina Gschwandtner speak about their piece
at the exhibition We Are All Together at Artist’s Space.
part of Performa 05.


Enclose (2005, 9.21MB, 2:27min.)

Artist Bea Camacho knits herself in.
From PresentSpace.

By Mica Scalin.

His Girl Friday – between the lines…

26th March 2007 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | movie | remix/mashup

still life
‘His Girl Friday’ – Between the Lines Edit (2006, 28.1MB, 8:25 min)

Elegant, witty & revealing re-edit of Hawks’s His Girl Friday
by Valentin Spirik.
The original is downloadable in its entirety from the
Internet Archive.

Django and Grappelli

23rd March 2007 by michael
arts | documentary arts | film | historical | performance | video

Hot Club of France Live
Hot Club of France Live (1938, 12MB, 3 min.)

A beautiful old film of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli
playing their signature Hot Club jazz.

1st Part Conditional – Markus Schinwald

22nd March 2007 by doron
arts | conceptual | experimental | video

1st Part Conditional
1st Part Conditional (2004, 12.1 MB, 3:44 min.)

by Markus Schinwald. From


21st March 2007 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | politics | remix/mashup | satire

Where It Ends
Amerikuh (2006, 6.88MB, 1:32 min)

Neat satirical mash-up by Brian Liloia,
made for ( &, I gather, a semi-finalist at) the
stockstock film festival, so doubly impressive
when you consider he was allocated
the footage.
Nice work – hats off!

Silas & Mange

20th March 2007 by michael
arts | cinema | film | historical | satire

Silas & Mange
Silas & Mange (1927, 14MB, 4 min.)

I have always had a thing for silent films.
Rob Sosin and Kevin Maher star in these twisted vignettes,
the restored (1999) films of long dead silent picture stars Silas and Mange.

Man Mixes Sound on 2 GameBoys

19th March 2007 by michael
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | gaming | music video | performance | technology

Kid Quaalude -Upside Downer
Kid Quaalude -‘Upside Downer’ (2006, 37MB, 4:01 min)

Well!”, as my dear mother used to say,
“What will they think of next?”

Neat film by Dave Whiting, shot in a rather
atmospheric former Tram depot in Weimar
& featuring Kid Quaalude doing what it
says on the tin.