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When Clouds Clear

26th February 2009 by brittany
activism | arts | cinema | documentary | education | film | Super8 | trailer

When Clouds Clear (2008, 15.3MB, 2:26)

Directed by Anne Slick and Danielle Bernstein,
When Clouds Clear is a remarkably intimate portrait
of a tiny Ecuadorian village’s struggle against
mining companies that seek to take over (and destroy)
the land they have long cultivated as their home.

Shot on a lovely mix of Super 8, 16mm, and video
to show the complexities of different viewpoints, the
film is one of the most beautiful I have had the
privilege of viewing this year.

Light Criticism – the Anti-Advertising Agency

25th February 2009 by doron
activism | advertising | arts | community | conceptual | controversy | documentary arts | graffiti | installation | video

Light Criticism (2007, 14MB, 2:21 min.)

Light Criticism is a project by Steve Lambert (the Anti-Advertising Agency)
with Graffiti Research Lab.
From Eyebeam R&D Open Lab.

‘Bird’ by Ken Seeno

24th February 2009 by doron
animation | arts | conceptual | ephemera | nature | new media art | observational | video

Bird (2007, 9MB, 4:30 min.)

by Ken Seeno.

This Way Up

23rd February 2009 by brittany
animation | arts | trailer

Smith and Foulkes – This Way Up (2008, 3.4MB, 0:54)

Trailer for the Academy Award nominated short
from duo Smith and Foulkes.
Official film site here.
Via Nexus Productions.

Flooded McDonald’s

20th February 2009 by brittany
activism | arts | commerce | conceptual | video

Superflex – Flooded McDonald’s (2009, 8.2MB, 0:41)

Clip from a twenty minute video of a McDonald’s
being fully submerged underwater. (Don’t worry –
they recycled the water, and no staff was present.)
What do you think it means? Is it a statement about
collective inability to act, climate change and multinational
corporations, or consumption?
Whatever the intentions, the video is oddly calming.
From Danish video collective Superflex.

Henry Gwiazda is a Star

19th February 2009 by michael
animation | arts | experimental | music video | new media art | video

claudia and paul 4:55 pm (2008, 34.6MB, 1:00 min)

there’s whispering (2008, 21.6MB, 3:45 min)

Rather lovely work from Henry Gwiazda.
Claudia and Paul , in particular, is a shivers down the spine affair for me.
I’d been vaguely aware of Gwiazda before but never really explored his work
– I will definitely be looking carefully in future.

Iconic Synesthesia

18th February 2009 by guest editor
animation | arts | documentary arts | music video | remix/mashup | video

Giant Steps (10.7MB, 1:46 min.)

audio: john coltrane. animation: michal levy.


I Made You A Balloon

17th February 2009 by brittany
animation | design | video

Joseph Mann – I Made You A Balloon (2008, 3.6MB, 1:37)

Lovely little animation piece from Joseph Mann.

Listeners by Brantley Jones

16th February 2009 by brittany
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | ephemera | remix/mashup | satire | silent

Listeners 1 (2009, 6.7MB, 0:23)

Listeners 2 (2009, 10.5MB, 0:29)

Listeners 3 (2009, 16.2MB, 0:46)

Three lovely short remixes from Athens, Georgia
artist Brantley Jones.

My Funny Valentine Again

13th February 2009 by doron
arts | community | documentary arts | music | performance | video | vlog

My Funny Valentine
My Funny Valentine (2006, 15.1MB, 2:55 min)

Video by Michael Szpakowski.
The singer is his daughter, Anna Szpakowska.
(Michael playing the piano).

..once again a happy Valentine’s Day to all from us at DVblog.org