They Got Bills to Pay – David Kessler

They Got Bills to Pay (2007, 15.7MB, 2:29 min.)

The Streets of Philadelphia. Prostitution.
“It does sometimes confuse me as much how someone can be happy with such a life.
Sometimes I like to think that a happy person is able to be happy in any situation.
Other times I find it sad, thinking that they can’t possibly be really happy, that maybe
they don’t know real happiness. But I don’t like that answer. We can’t impose our own
sense of what makes us happy on someone else.
as far as being one of the worst areas, yes it is often hard and there is crime but I see
great beauty there and I hope to show that too.”

by David Kessler.

Evolution of Communication from Adobe Systems

Evolution of Communication (2006, 15MB, 6:50 min.)

“Adobe Systems commissioned eMotion studios to create a film depicting the ‘Evolution of Communication’.
Various luminaries such as Doug Englebart (inventor of the mouse) and Martin Cooper
(inventor of the cell phone) helped tell the story of how communication has changed
and transformed over the past two decades. The film supported Adobe’s CEO Bruce Chizen
in a recent keynote address.
The production follows the arc of human communication from the moment when we are able
to discern shapes and sounds to the point of complex interactions as adults. The story
leads to a hint of where we are heading in the future, and to Adobe’s commitment to
facilitate personal and human communication and connection.”

From eMotion studios

Razr: Gondry

Michel Gondry for MotoRazr2 (2007, 7.4MB, 1:01)

I have to admit I’d find this more interesting if
Michel Gondry had actually used a Razr to record footage.
In this case, cell phone company Motorola commissioned
the music video director-cum-hipster filmmaker to make
a “film based on the experience of their new Razr2 phone.”
I wish using my phone was half as interesting.
I’ve also heard these are hideous devices, image appeal aside.
I’m fairly certain it didn’t deserve its own short film, but I digress.
Classic Gondry: pretty and predictably whimsical.