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30th May 2008 by michael
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29th May 2008 by michael
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Baum (2008, 29.5MB, 3:07 min)

Simple in conception and execution & quite lovely.
Photography: Julie Roehr
Music & Video: Nikola Jeremic

(Don’t you wish, though, people wouldn’t leave those huge bars of black
space above & below like that -so many do- but crop to the area where
stuff is happening?)

The Listening Project

28th May 2008 by brittany
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The Listening Project (2008, 31.5MB, 2:43)

It feels a bit cliched, but I’ll give this one the
benefit of the doubt, of doing relevant and
important work about the current state of
global relations.

The Listening Project is a documentary feature film
that puts a human face to world opinion of the U.S.
Filmed in 14 countries, it explores many facets of

PJK productions – SF Culture

27th May 2008 by doron
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SF Culture (2007, 17 MB, 2:09 min.)

“Bumped into a street opera singer in San Francisco who saw my
camera and said, “Of course you can film me.” He didn’t know who I was,
but I told him afterwards and still gave me permission to show, so here is
live from Sutter Street, Robert Close!!!!”

From Paul Knight at – Pjkproductions.

Leeds Vlog #2

26th May 2008 by michael
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Observing the Masses
Observing the Masses (Candice Sadouk , 2007, 39.1MB, 51 sec loop)

Ashville #3
Ashville #3 (James Appleton , 2007, 34MB, 1:29 min)

Bunnybomb (Thomas Shutt , 2007, 16.4MB, 44 secs)

Blacklight (Rowan Mackay , 2007, 49.8MB, 1:42 min)

More from Leeds Vlog.

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Kill the Artist

23rd May 2008 by michael
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Kill the Artist Trailer (2008, 17MB, 2:37 min)

Mike Diana
Kill the Artist (excerpt) (2008, 12.7MB, 1:09 min)

Documentary from Andreas Troeger about ‘artists who got into trouble with the law
because of their art-works’.
Personally I don’t share what I understand to be the film’s implicit
libertarianism – I’m all in favour of shutting down, for example,
Holocaust deniers, or race hate merchants generally.
Niether did I see any work in the extracts sent that I gave a damn about artistically
but of course the point is that censorship operates salami style
& often by picking the most problematic, hard to defend, cases first,
so the discussion here matters.
Nonetheless when the definitive history of political censorship of/attacks upon art in the early
twenty first century is written I can’t help feeling the Steve Kurtz case
will figure more largely than the stuff on display here.
Interested what others think.

Roundhay Remix

22nd May 2008 by admin
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Roundhay Remix
Roundhay Remix (2006, 15.6MB, 1.57 min.)

A beautiful remix of the Roundhay Garden Scene,
from 1888, one of the first films ever made.
From Pouringdown.

By Mica.

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries

21st May 2008 by michael
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Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries at the New Museum (2008, 62.5MB, 2:48 min)

If you don’t know them, you should; Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
have been responsible for some of the most spine tingling & evocative work
on the net in the last ten years,
This documentary, lifted from the indispensable Rhizome, gives a good bares bones historical
account of them in the context of a show earlier this year at the New Museum.
I didn’t see the show & whilst I’m pleased they’re getting this wider exposure I wonder
if there isn’t something quite particular about the way their work presents in a browser
(preferably, in my view, with headphones on, ie. as submerged in these delicious
& fractured quasi narratives as only the net experience will allow).
Then, it is visceral and immediate.
On the evidence here, there seems to have been something
a little more diffuse about this multiple screen installation.
I don’t know; it’s a surmise; I’d be happy to be told I’m wrong.
It raises interesting questions, though, about the transplanting of work
from browser to gallery.

LAb[au] – PixFlow #2

20th May 2008 by brittany
arts | conceptual | new media art | technology

LAb[au] – PixFlow #2 (2007, 132.3MB, 0:30)

PixFlow #2 is a generative artwork showing a vector field and moving particles/pixels shaping into flows as their density evolves. From the mutual influence in between vectors and particles results an unsuspected, highly evolving behavior.
a preview of the latest from LAb[au]

TRIPTYCH.TV once more !

19th May 2008 by doron
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