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Rob ‘Whitey’ McConnaughy – Panther and Destroyer

31st January 2007 by doron
arts | experimental | music video | strange | video

Destroyer (2005, 6.6 MB, 1:04 min.)

Panther (2005, 18.5 MB, 3 min.)

Two great shorts from director and cinematographer Rob ‘Whitey’
from his site – Whitey Films – a real live action documentary with
Crawford the Destroyer & an all-cardboard set
for Panther’s Music video – ‘You Don’t Want Your Nails Done.’

Between You and Me – Patryk Rebisz

30th January 2007 by doron
arts | experimental | movie | narrative | photography | stop motion | video

Between You And Me
Between You And Me (2005, 30 MB, 4:20 min.)

Short movie shot with still camera.
Written and directed by Patryk Rebisz.

Extreme Skipping

29th January 2007 by doron
community | conceptual | documentary odd | ephemera | performance | satire | sports | strange | video | vlog

Extreme Skipping (2006, 15.7MB, 2:36 min.)

This short was made a little while back, about one of the most
underappreciated universal sports: extreme skipping. If you are a skipper
and have footage of yourself skipping, make sure to submit it to us.
We would love to check out your moves.
Music by Blink 182. Edited by Ajit Anthony Prem.
Directed by Marc Miller and Marc Levine.

from – squigglebooth.

The Ketchup Effect – Hip Hip Hora

26th January 2007 by doron
arts | cinema | movie | satire | trailer

The Ketchup Effect
Ketchup Effect (2004, 5.8MB, 1:06 min.)

Written and directed by – Teresa Fabik in her feature debut,
The Ketchup Effect is a teenage drama comedy
that made a big impression on the local box office in Sweden.

Transitos – Gonzalo Vidal Soler

25th January 2007 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | observational | photography | video | YouTube

Transitos 2.1
Transitos 2.1 (2003-6, 21.7MB, 4:37 min)

Transitos 1.1
Transitos 1.1 (2003-6, 23.2MB, 6:32 min)

Transitos, (familiarmente Slows), es un trabajo que une la fotografia
y el video , la fotografia por que son planos fijos y tratamiento de
encuadre y luz puramente fotografico, el video aporta el movimiento,
la duracion y el sonido que rodea estos parajes, podriamos hablar
de fotografias sonoras con movimiento. Transitos son lugares por
los que el ser humano pasa o se deja llevar de forma automatica
y que por ese automatismo, deja de apreciar, aunque siempre deja
su huella sea esta sonora o fisica. Los slows estan divididos en
4 apartados: paisaje maritimo, paisaje urbano, retratos en tren,
y finalmente, paisaje rural.

Transitos (literally ‘Transits’, although I’ve got into the habit of
calling them “Slows”, for obvious reasons) is a work, or series of works,
that unites photography and video. Photography, in the insistence on a
fixed plane and the purely photographic treatment of frame and light;
video, in the introduction of the movement, duration and sound which
suffuse these locations. Perhaps:
‘Photography with sound and movement’ !
Transitos are places human beings pass through almost automatically and
therefore unconsciously, nevertheless always leaving their imprint, be it
sonic or material.
The pieces are divided into four groups: seaside, countryside, urban
landscape and train portraits.

Thoughtful, slow-burning, work of sometimes heart-melting beauty from
Spanish photographer Gonzalo Vidal Soler .

8 BIT – documentary about art and video games

24th January 2007 by doron
arts | conceptual | documentary | documentary arts | experimental | gaming | new media art | review | technology | trailer

8 BIT trailer (2006, 8.7MB, 1:28 min.)

“Premiering in New York at the Museum of Modern Art,
8 BIT is a hybrid documentary examining the influence of
video games on contemporary culture.

Exquisite Corpses

23rd January 2007 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | ephemera | music video

Exquisite Corpses
Exquisite Corpses (2006, 1.74MB, 39 sec)

Lashings of Gallic style from the
Marmotte Corporation.
The music is “My My Metrocard” from Le Tigre.

8 halfmile – Fellini remixed

22nd January 2007 by michael
cinema | conceptual | ephemera | experimental | film | historical | music video | remix/mashup | satire

8 halfmile (2006, 6.9MB, 2:21 min.)

“Fellini’s classic film re-mixed Eminem-style…”
by – The AV Club, from Film Threat.

The Chapman brothers, interviewed.

19th January 2007 by michael
arts | documentary arts | documentary odd | experimental | interview | satire | video

The Chapman brothers
‘At Home with the Colonel’ – pilot (2006, 54 MB, 14:53 min.)

Pilot for a proposed series of interviews by Mark Sanders
with contemporary artists, directed by Mark Logue,
who seems to have a serious track record.
The press release says the interviews wil be ‘playful & conversational’.
Can’t be bad – on the basis of this, hope v. much it gets commissioned.
Still undecided about the Chapmans, whether tossers or wunderkinder,
but this definitely attempts to shed some light thereon.

Anthony Rousseau – Float Like a Butterfly

18th January 2007 by michael
arts | conceptual | dance | documentary | ephemera | experimental | performance

Float Like a Butterfly
Float Like a Butterfly (2005, 7.2MB, 1:15 min.)

Le jeune gar