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lost twins

29th June 2007 by doron
arts | experimental | satire | video

lost twins (2006, 8.6MB, 1:14 min.)

by Dmitriy Bulnygin.

watch also Georgian Songs.

My Body Is A Cage – Arcade Fire

28th June 2007 by doron
arts | cinema | music video

bodycage (2007, 15.7MB, 4:47 min.)

Video for the Arcade Fire song My Body Is A Cage using clips
from the classic Sergio Leone film Once Upon A Time in the West.
with Charles Bronson and Henry Fonda.
By J Tyler.

Union Docs – #2

27th June 2007 by michael
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | documentary odd | education | experimental

whiteboard #2 (2007, 24.4MB, 3:12 min)

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Moon & People Watching

26th June 2007 by michael
arts | community | conceptual | documentary odd | ephemera | experimental

Millie Watching Martha 
Watching Moon
Millie Watching Martha Watching Moon (2007, 18.7MB, 26 sec)

Millie in SUV Watching Martha and David Watching Moon
Millie in SUV Watching Martha and David Watching Moon (2007, 1.67MB, 10 sec)

Does exactly what it says on the package & poetry too.
See more from Millie & Martha.

Josef Müller-Brockmann

25th June 2007 by doron
animation | arts | design | documentary arts | exhibition | remix/mashup | tribute

Josef Müller-Brockmann
Josef Müller-Brockmann (2006, 30MB, 1:57 min.)

Wicked little animated tribute by Gary Butcher for the
Swiss graphic design legend Josef Müller-Brockmann.
The movie was made for the forty-eight posters exhibition
being held at the Image Now gallery in Dublin.

A Panopticon in Burnley

22nd June 2007 by michael
arts | community | documentary arts | film | Super8 | technology

A Panopticon in Burnley
A Panopticon in Burnley (2007, 20.9MB, 1:45 min)

Great short by Giles Perkins about a piece of public art by
Tonkin Liu
situated on a hillside outside Burnley, UK.
I love Giles’s Super 8 work (folk might remember
his catalogue of British seaside bathing huts here last year, don’t
know whether we’ve re-posted it yet, but we will,
gentle viewer, we will) & there’s an added bonus in the sound
of those beautiful Lancashire vowels – ‘uor ouwses’ – on the soundtrack.

Ken Turner #9 – foot

21st June 2007 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | performance | video

 foot of desire
foot of desire (2006, 8.16MB, 1:15 min)

Last movie in our Ken Turner season.
S’been great – love to show more in the future Ken!

Ken’s site.

Ken talking about his ideas & work.

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Guy Maddin – Brand Upon The Brain

20th June 2007 by michael
arts | cinema | documentary | film | movie making | performance | trailer

Brand Upon The Brain (trailer)
Brand Upon The Brain (Trailer) (2007, 3.47MB, 1:34 min)

Brand Upon The Brain (Foley)
Brand Upon The Brain (Foley) (2007, 4.92MB, 3:20 min)

Brand Upon The Brain, a new feature film by Guy Maddin, tours the US this summer accompanied with a live orchestrations by Ensemble Sospeso.
Maddin’s fantastically extravagant Super 8 films are always enchanting and the additional elements of live music, sound effects and narration by quirky celebs is sure to delight cinephiles of all ages. I was lucky enough to catch it in NYC last week with Crispin Glover as a very charming narrator, but the three Foley artists nearly stole the show. You can see them hard at work in their lab coats in the rehearsal video. Looks like it will have further distribution later this year with recorded soundtrack and narration by Isabella Rossellini.

Film site

Strange Culture

19th June 2007 by doron
activism | arts | cinema | community | politics | trailer

strange culture (2007, 17.7MB, 2:17 min.)

Strange Culture documents the case of artist and professor Steven Kurtz
and geneticist Robert Ferrell, accused in 2004 by the U.S. Justice Department
of “bioterrorism” and currently awaiting trial.
The case threatens to set dangerous precedent by eroding the boundary
between civil and criminal law, and by criminalizing those who legitimately
and legally criticize government policy.
By Lynn Hershman Leeson.

tues. three. Brian Gibson

18th June 2007 by doron
arts | experimental | satire | video

tues. three. (2007, 49.2MB, 2:06 min.)

‘I really didn’t even want to make an experimental video today
but with all this rain and a wandering mind I really couldn’t avoid it.’

by Brian Gibson.