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Punk Pacino

30th September 2009 by doron
arts | cinema | ephemera | experimental | film | humor | observational | portraiture | remix/mashup

Al pacino
1video (2006, 3.3MB, 14 sec.)

jimpunk does the loop on Pacino.

more jimpunk on dvblog.

MTAA and Mike Koller – iPhone Drum Circle

29th September 2009 by doron
activism | arts | audio | cellphone | community | conceptual | documentary | event | experimental | happening | humor | new media art | participatory | remix/mashup | satire | video

iPhone Drum Circle (2009, 40 MB, 5:10 min)

On Sunday September 20 at 2pm, MTAA, Mike Koller and friends set out
a brightly colored blanket surround by a circle of chairs at McCarren Park,
Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They had amplified iPhones on which they have
downloaded touchscreen drum and bongo applications and they “jammed.”

iPhone Drum Circle (aka IPDC)


28th September 2009 by michael
arts | dance | experimental | music | new media art | performance | video

involuntaries #4 (2009, 68.4MB 7:35 min)

Love all Sondheim’s stuff but particularly the dance work.
Here he is with Azure Carter & the jaw-dropping Foofwa d’Imobilité.
Extremely odd & extremely wonderful.
There’s lots more of these on Foofwa’s site ,
all well worth checking out.
( Plus a Foofwa conducted interview with the late Merce Cunningham)

video_dumbo 2009

25th September 2009 by doron
arts | community | conceptual | documentary | documentary arts | new media art | observational | remix/mashup | video

Unknown Court TV (2009, 13 MB, 3:16 min)

by Eileen Maxson.

DU3L@ G4NRYU 15L4ND (2009, 14 MB, 2:30 min)

by Jon Rafman.

Works from the magnificent video_dumbo 2009,
A weekend long screening of new contemporary video art, video installations and more.
From Sep.25 – Sep.27 In Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY.

Sophie TV

24th September 2009 by brittany
ephemera | technology | video

Hans Lo – How TV Works (2009, 9.7MB, 2:15)

Series of educational videos made by Hans Lo
for his young niece Sophie.

Frames Per Second – Exhibition in Salon Projektionist – Vienna

23rd September 2009 by doron
arts | community | documentary arts | exhibition | experimental | installation | new media art | photography | printmaking | vj

Frames Per Second (2008, 27 MB, 3:26 min)

Video and photo installation by VJs Bopa and Bruno Tait.
The exhibition is based on the idea of using video and slide projectors to
capture a random moment in time from animations on photographic paper,
foregoing the simple system ‘screen shot’ and projecting light onto ILFORD
photo print paper.

Olga Panedes Massenet – City of Fear

22nd September 2009 by michael
activism | animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | new media art | video

City of Fear (2008, 118MB 4:13 min)

Tad.. er.. earnest & a bit Burroughs lite at moments,
but gripping to watch, moves along nicely and clearly the work
of someone with serious skills, strong visual sense and something to say.
The green slime section must’ve been fun to do.
More here.

Florian Cramer – Floppy Films

21st September 2009 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | music video | new media art | performance | remix/mashup | technology | video

nkdlunch (2009, 1:24MB 2:44 min)

coraria (2009, 1:35MB 2:09 min)

Ultimately, personally, I admire these more than I like them.
It’s clever/witty stuff, no doubt, squeezing sections of films,
or mash-ups thereof, down to the size of the old floppies
but you just feel it pretty much stops there. Is there much
to actually watch/engage with & if there is, how much of this
arises from the original material before the conceptual
shenanigans commence?
This is especially marked in ‘Coraria’, which feels entirely
parasitic upon John Cage and upon the tremendous performance &
photogenic qualities of Cora Schmeiser.
Hmm. You decide.

[There’s a more detailed ( & sympathetic!) account here
& you can buy the pieces on floppy, should you feel so moved, here]

Owen O’Toole – Super8 films

18th September 2009 by doron
arts | community | conceptual | documentary | film | historical | observational | poetry | remix/mashup | serial | Super8

Piza (1982, 13 MB, 2:44 min)

Frames (1985, 31 MB, 6:25 min)

Early experimental Super8 films by Owen O’Toole.

Short interview with him here.

South and mobile to the house of Mina

17th September 2009 by michael
arts | experimental | observational | performance | poetry | portraiture | video

South and mobile to the house of Mina (2009, 31MB 3:18 min)

From DVblog’s own Doron Golan, this is simply stunning.
What I find so exciting is that Doron combines here
(and I haven’t spoken to him about this piece so I don’t know
whether he himself sees it this way) his fascinating & often intense
recent studies in image manipulation with something of the improvisatory
quality & narrative forward motion of earlier pieces.

In a world where so much work is predicatable and safe, what a delight
& what a tonic for the head and heart both, to see work that stretches out
like this and which so resolutely rejects the safe, the dull, the glib & the banal.