Anthony Rousseau

Bodyparts (2006, 5.6MB, 1:00 min)

Visualcut#1 (2006, 6.8MB, 1:15 min)

There seems to be a very lively experimental online video scene
in France. There’s lots of widely varying work but much of it seems to
be characterised by an enormous ‘confidence in the image’
& a concomitant richly visual & unbuttoned approach to dealing
with said image, free of conceptualist trammeling.
Anthony Rousseau’s work exemplifies these ( in my book at least) virtues.

The Donut Eating Challenge – this or that

This or That
Exciting Prizes (2006, 36.8MB, 4:38 min)

The challenges continue, as special guest challenger, Dr. Donut,
takes the stage.
Now our contestants must satisfy Dr. Donut’s insatiable donut
lust by jumping into the air to eat donuts from a clothes line!
With your hosts: the Great Fredini and Julie Atlas Muz.
Performed before a hungry theater audience at the Belt theater,
NYC, January 21, 2005.
From – this or that.

Harmony Korine again

Living Proof
Living Proof (2006, 10.9MB, 3:12 min.)

Sunday(2006, 13.9MB, 4 min.)

Further bizarreries from Harmony Korine, he of Kids, Gummo
& Julian Donkey Boy fame.
First up, a vid for Cat Power’s Living Proof from her current album ‘The Greatest’.
Then one for the great Sonic Youth.
He has good taste in music, it cannot be gainsaid.
Ooh!… & look who’s home but not quite alone…

A Series of Practical Performances in the Wilderness (1)

waiting on bob
waiting on bob (2005, 5.7MB, 1:56 min.)

move this rock
move this rock (2005, 12.5MB, 3:56 min.)

stick like snakes
stick like snakes (2005, 5.5MB, 1:54 min.)

Chapters 1,2,3 from the DVD ‘A Series of Practical Performances In The Wilderness’
by Cary Peppermint and Christine Nadir.
This is very smart work indeed – it references, or better evokes, ideas & precedents
& techniques from all over world culture high & low & I’m sure this is conscious.
The thing is, a bit like the effect of C5’s short history of virtual hiking,
featured here last year, the rather knowing formalism of it all & the dry
keep-your-distance wit ironically somehow create a space for a deeply traditional
romanticism about nature & the landscape to sneak back in.
Not a criticism. Me, I love it.