Terminally Ambivalent Over You – Alex Budovsky

Terminally Ambivalent Over You (2002, 26.1MB, 3:19 min.)

Based on Stephen Coate‘s song from the album ‘When Psyche meets Cupid’,
this animation tells the story of a prisoner who works in a prison’s
gramophone factory and while assembling gramophones thinks of his girlfriend.
Neat stuff from Alex Budovsky, aka Aleksey Budovskiy.

Lee Sarter

Memory Loss
Memory Loss (2008, 61.4MB, 2:13 min)

No Exit
No Exit (2008, 38.2MB, 2:19 min)

Two pieces from Lee Sarter.
Memory Loss is an unequivocal success in my view,
evocative, very nicely constructed & haunting.
(Even manages to temporarily subdue my deeply felt &
longstanding antipathy to ambient sounding piano
I don’t think No Exit works quite so well but it’s clear
in both that there’s a thinking & creative filmic intelligence at work here.
I look forward to more.

My Temporary Visiting Position From The Sunset Terrace Bar – Carlo Zanni

My Temporary Visiting Position From The Sunset Terrace Bar (2008, 30 MB, 4:10 min.)

“Set in the city of Ahlen, Germany, “My Temporary Visiting Position From The Sunset Terrace Bar“, imitates an amateur’s film of the landscape framed at sunset.
While the city strip is pre recorded the sky is captured in real time from a webcam shooting the sky of Naples (Italy) at sunset and as such, always changing.
The work, confronting themes such as exile, migration and border control, is enhanced by a poem by the esteemed author Ghada Samman and music by the international band Gotan Project and legendary composer Gabriel Yared.”

Clip from the beautiful project by Carlo Zanni.

Sex Positive

Daryl Wein – Sex Positive (2008, 16MB, 2:43)

Groundbreaking film from 24-year-old Daryl Wein.
I hate it when people mention my youthful age, but
I think since I know my motivations for doing it, I’ll
just accept that we all mean it as a compliment.

Wein’s portrait of 1980s AIDS activist Richard Berkowitz
is such a contribution to our modern understanding of the
history of AIDS and gay rights activism. One of the first
to speak out about the need for safe sex in the gay
community, Berkowitz was ridiculed and ostracized.
This excellent documentary finds Berkowitz today and
revisits his time as an S&M sex worker before becoming
an outspoken critic of the AIDS epidemic. Much of the older
footage is also courtesy of Berkowitz.
An outstanding collaboration.