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Morrisa Maltz – Let Me Tell You Something Important

26th February 2010 by michael
animation | arts | audio | conceptual | experimental | strange | video

Let Me Tell You Something Important
Let Me Tell You Something Important (2010, 20MB, 17 secs)

Little taster, simultaneously spooky and ravishing, of the work of young LA based artist
Morrisa Maltz.
Very singular, very nicely executed, very good.
Something a little longer next week.

Keith Schofield – “Heaven Can Wait”

25th February 2010 by doron
arts | commerce | music video | strange

“Heaven Can Wait” (2009, 21MB, 2:40 min.)

Charlotte Gainsbourg & Beck music video by Keith Schofield.
Skateboard on Cheeseburgers and Floating Cloth shots inspired
by the work of William Hundley.

jimpunk remixes abe linkoln

24th February 2010 by michael
animation | arts | audio | experimental | new media art | remix/mashup | video

deathdisco - jimpunk remix
DEATHDISCO aphrodisiskratch remix (2006, 16.8MB, 25 sec loop)

Neat remix from 2006 by jimpunk of abe linkoln’s DEATHDISCO.mov,
posted here yesterday.
The sample is aphrodisiskratch by DJ QBert.
More jimpunk on DVblog.

Abe Linkoln – DEATHDISCO

23rd February 2010 by doron
animation | arts | audio | experimental | new media art | remix/mashup | video

DEATHDISCO (2005, 22.7MB, 1:31 min.)

From Abe Linkoln in 2005.

Hugo Heyrman – Body Language Sequences

22nd February 2010 by michael
arts | ephemera | experimental | new media art | observational | stop motion | video | vlog

series 1, #10 (2006, 625KB, 1 sec. loop)

series 1, #1 (2006, 564KB, 1 sec. loop)

series 1, #20 (2006, 550KB, 1 sec. loop)

Attractive & interesting 2006 work from Belgian artist Hugo Heyrman
Despite a superficial similarity to the work of the late David Crawford
this work has a dynamic (and a charm) entirely its own.
Check out Heyrman’s Museums of the Mind site for more.

Tom Frisch – Rave Culture

19th February 2010 by doron
activism | arts | community | documentary | observational | video

Rave Culture (1998, 16MB, 11:19 min.)

Shot on location at six Chicago parties over the course of a year,
this film explores multiple issues surrounding the rave scene,
including public opinion, promoters, drugs, police, and the culture
created by this phenomenon.
By Tom Frisch.

with wavering light – Brian Gibson

18th February 2010 by michael
arts | audio | experimental | music | music video | new media art | performance | poetry | video | vlog

with wavering light
with wavering light (2010, 31MB, 3:03 min.)

Delicate, beautiful & assured work from occasional contributor here,
Brian Gibson.
I do particularly love the recorded-as-live harmonium, which, unlike
so much of the current use of music in movie-making serves to somehow
open out, rather than close off, the piece’s field of meanings.

HOTEL by Karen Chan

17th February 2010 by doron
arts | documentary | observational | Super8 | video

HOTEL (2009, 24MB, 3:10 min.)

By Karen Chan. Super 8. Superb. Hotel room. Shot in Berlin.

Sam Renseiw – Fragmented Occurences

16th February 2010 by michael
arts | experimental | landscape | music video | observational | place | poetry | video | vlog

Fragmented Occurences
Fragmented Occurences (2010, 67MB, 4:33 min.)

It’s a little while since we featured anything from the splendid Sam
, so here’s a recent piece.
In contrast to many of his films, which have an incredibly strong
sense of a particular place, this was apparently composed
from odds and ends of footage from various locations during the last
few months.
I think it works beautifully; it’s instructive to see Sam intervening,
perhaps a little more than usual, at the editing level.
(His camera work is always very distinctive – there’s often a sense
-true or not- that many pieces are largely composed in the shooting.)

Whatever the case, this is, as always, a wonderful and utterly distinctive voice.

PS This is our 1000th post of the new series. Many thanks to all who have sent words of encouragement & appreciation. It makes the time spent working on DVblog feel doubly worthwhile.

Chris Collins – lightsaber affirmation tunnel

15th February 2010 by doron
animation | arts | humor | music | video

lightsaber affirmation tunnel (2007, 33 MB, 1:04 min.)

By Chris Collins.