Guthrie Lonergan

Guthrie Lonergan1
#3 (2006, 0.3MB, 4 sec)

Guthrie Lonergan2
#5 (2006, 0.3MB, 7 sec)

Guthrie Lonergan3
#6 (2006, 1.9MB, 4 sec)

Says Tom Moody: Recommended: Guthrie Lonergan’s 9 Short Music Videos.
Reminiscent of BEIGE’s cheesy blue (green?) screen vids,
each is built around some corporate sound
(ringtone, Microsoft boot-up noise, DVD intro)
that craps up our daily lives. Also good:

Guthrie Lonergan4
Bricks (2006, 5.9MB, 1:12 min)