Lior Shvil – In Whatever Time

1st November 2013 by doron
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In Whatever Time (2010, 290MB, 15 min.)

“…Occupying a space somewhere between storytelling and spectacle, TV shows and
advertisements, the video and sculpture installations of such invented personas as
Cherry Bomb Fluffy White and Charley OnOff address the fragmented
representations of politics and gender, autobiography and history in contemporary
society. Embracing the roles of director, actor, narrator, editor, and set designer,
his experiments in epic theatrical production explore the comic territory of the jester
as he flirts with cultural stereotypes and satirizes political ideologies.”
Lior Shvil.

Reynald Drouhin – 2 movies

30th October 2013 by doron
arts | documentary | experimental | participatory | portraiture | video

E.mor (1999, 13MB, 2 min.)

Petit d’Homme (2001, 42MB, 2 min.)

Reynald Drouhin:

E.Mor –
Improvisation dans le noir // Improvisation in the dark
Musique/Music: Meredith Monk, ‘Engine Steps’

Petit d’Homme –
Etude du comportement humain en milieu naturel, avec Lloÿs Drouhin // A study in human beahaviour in a natural setting, with Lloÿs Drouhin

Lior Shvil – The Kosher Butcher

29th October 2013 by doron
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The Kosher Butcher
The Kosher Butcher (2010, 84MB, 8:56 min.)

“.. Israeli provocateur Lior Shvil presented “The Kosher Butcher,” a darkly humorous commentary on Mideast politics in which he portrays a meatpacking Sweeney Todd.”

Lior Shvil – Rough Cut

23rd October 2013 by doron
arts | conceptual | humor | installation | participatory | politics | video

Rough Cut (2007, 54MB, 4 min.)

Born in 1971 in Tel Aviv, Lior Shvil currently lives in New York and recently attended Columbia University’s School of the Arts MFA program.

Shvil works primarily in video, installation and sculpture. His works are multi-layered, both poetic and critical; they tap into collective memory (cultural, mythical, historical), and are inspired by television, cinema and story telling.

Shvil received his B.A. from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. He has had a solo shows at the Herzliya Museum of Art and the Heder Gallery in Israel. His work has been featured in group exhibitions at the Haifa Museum of Art in Israel, Milliken Gallery in Stockholm, The 7th International Istanbul Biennial, and NGBK Gallery in Berlin. Shvil won the Samuel Givon Prize for Young Artists, awarded by the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, as well as the Israel-America Fund for Culture, Israel. – See more at: givon art gallery.

Play Local

28th March 2013 by michael
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Play Local (2013, 69MB, 3:58 min)

Enchanting video by Tom White of a sound/music outreach project he ran in Peckham, South London on behalf, appropriately, of the South London Gallery.
There are so many piss-poor arts outreach projects. So nice to observe that this one was clearly brilliant.

Burroughs & Van Sant

26th December 2012 by michael
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Thanksgiving Prayer (1986, 7.6MB, 2:21 min.)

An astonishing rendition by William Burroughs of his
‘Thanksgiving Prayer’ in a short video directed by
Gus Van Sant.

Two from Lewis LaCook

12th December 2012 by michael
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modern life (2005, 3.6MB, 3:13 min)

grass spider (2005, 6.1MB, 2:55 min)

2005 work from Lewis LaCook.
He seems to have dropped out of sight.
A shame, he made startling and splendid work in a number of media.

Update: I looked – he’s here and .

Sam Easterton – Animal Vegetable Video

5th December 2012 by admin
arts | community | conceptual | documentary | education | experimental | humor | movie making | nature | observational | participatory | serial | strange | video

Ardvark (2001, 1.6MB, 15 sec.)

Scorpion (2001, 1.1MB, 10 sec.)

Tumbleweeds (2001, 1.2MB, 10 sec.)

Wolf (2001, 1.1MB, 10 sec.)

Since 1988, Sam Easterton has been using tiny
‘helmet mounted’ cameras to create an archive of videos filmed
from the perspective of plants and animals.

By Mica

Gabriel Klasmer – Efes One

19th November 2012 by doron
abstract | arts | documentary arts | participatory | process/systems

Efes One (2001, 71MB, 6 min.)

Slapstick documentation of artist Gabriel Klasmer doing
his processed abstract paintings in 2001.

self.detach – decomposing identities

11th October 2012 by doron
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | experimental | installation | new media art | participatory | remix/mashup | video

self.detach (2008, 13MB, 2:24 min.)

self.detach is a dynamic Object, which adopts a critical position
towards the celebration of the ego on the internet by dissolving
self-portraying pictures into coloured particles.’

A project by Tim Horntrich and Jens Wunderling.