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Recombinant Rain from Millie Niss

10th October 2008 by michael
animation | arts | conceptual | experimental | nature | observational | remix/mashup | video

Recombinant Rain (2008, 7MB, 32 secs)

Source Video #1 (2008, 1.3MB, 10 secs silent)

Source Video #2 (2008, 2.2MB, 12 secs silent)

Source Video #3 (2008, 1.2MB, 14 secs silent)

Source Video #4 (2008, 2MB, 13 secs silent)

Millie Niss is one half of the daughter & mother team behind
the original & indispensable Sporkworld Microblog.
(And if you look at it for ten minutes & you don’t agree
it’s that, please check you have a pulse).
I’m not sure Millie felt that this piece was entirely successful.
(See her comments on the blog, linked above)
I’m posting it because even a borderline success from Millie
is something one can learn from. She has a formidable intellect
combined with a total & fierce independence & a complete
lack of bullshit.( Indeed I’m convinced that she wouldn’t
know how to bullshit, even if she wanted to.)
The last four pieces are tiny little studies of the rain
(delicate & lovely in their own right),
& the first is constructed from frames lifted from these
& worked over in various ways.
This piece (or actually the set of pieces, sources & first pass
at an end product alike) does it for me in a way that a lot of work doesn’t.
Simply, there’s a profound humanity to it.
Sure, it’s about the rain but it’s also about what it is
to be a human being in the world.