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Simon Mclennan

the visitors
The Visitors (2012, 42MB, 3:51min)

Exquisite work from Simon Mclennan, whom we’ve celebrated here before
and will again.
Rehabilitates that near-cliché “poetic” as applied to moving image…

Simon Mclennan – The Mouse Escapes

the mouse escapes
The Mouse Escapes [Trailer] (2010, 4MB, 37 secs)

Difficult to gauge from the trailer what the full 12 minute piece
might be like but it will clearly be interesting & atmospheric and guided
by an acute visual sense.
The music, written by director Mclennan, is also rather good.
Website, with lots of details, here.

Big Moth

Big Moth (2011, 9MB, 3:05 min)

“Experimental film and sound collage with a spoken poem
about embodying a moth”

As you do, as you do…
Another piece of strange & haunting loveliness from Simon Mclennan*.

*I completely screwed up posting this last week – I prepared the post &
went on vacation for a few days forgetting to actually upload the only
copy of the movie we had, on my home machine, to the server. Arrgh!
Big apologies to Simon & here it is all working properly now.

Park House

Park House (2011, 10MB, 1:55 min)

Poetry, visual and aural, from Simon Mclennan.
(And what a compelling speaking voice he has.
How nice to have such a fine instrument)
Quite, quite lovely.
More soon.

The Mouse Escapes , Complete.

the mouse escapes
The Mouse Escapes (2010, 56MB, 11:06 min)

After we posted the trailer for this the other week, director Simon
Mclennan was kind enough to let us post the whole movie, so here it is (and
quirky, and poetic and imaginative as it promised to be, it is.)