Netbehaviour Mailing List Fractal Excerpt

10th July 2012 by michael
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Netbehaviour Mailing List Fractal [Excerpt] (2012, 5MB, 59 secs)

From Claude Heiland-Allen:
Seven years of archives for this mailing list filtered down
to the most often occurring 1000 words of 4 letters or more,
in an infinite fractal zoom – each word is made up of the
words that most likely follow it.

We love the Netbehaviour list & this, splendid & bonkers both, does just
what it says on the tin with that excellent institution – we’ve posted
the minute long version here but if that whets your appetite for more
there’s an hour long version at archive.org.

Chris Caines – Mathematics

14th January 2011 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | math | narrative | text

Mathematics (2010, 163MB, 10:40 min)

There’s a wonderful deadpan quality to this piece from Chris Caines,
which captures dream logic perfectly (and satisfyingly –
I was worried about bathos and I needn’t have.)
It looks and sounds rather sumptuous too.
I do wonder if it couldn’t have moved just a tad quicker…

Chris Laxton/Yell at Birds – Curse Her Black Heart

6th January 2011 by michael
arts | math | music video | technology

the mouse escapes
Curse Her Black Heart (2010, 137MB, 4:24 min)

Chris Laxton’s creative deployment of a turntable & nice fractal images…