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ZDEN – Mindfuck

Mindfuck and 2XT by ZDEN
mindfuck (2001, 30MB, 3:26 min)

Mindfuck, a semi-automatic city psychosis.
Made in 2001! by ZDEN.

ZDEN – emptyspaces

emptyspaces (2000, 31MB, 2:26 min)

Zdeno Hlinka aka ZDEN.
A multimedia artist from Slovakia who’s been a pioneer in
working with real-time and visual mixing.

Circulation by ZDEN

Circulation by ZDEN
Circulation (2003, 56.1MB, 3:24 min)

ZDEN is a Slovakian artist and a pioneer in real-time
video performing – VJing. His live visuals are produced by a
self-developed post-production tool called CIRCULATION,
a software-based real-time 3 source video mixing engine.
Visit his site.
More vids here.