Morrisa Maltz – Girl Space

Girl Space
Girl Space (2010, 22MB, 3:45)

Another great piece from Morrisa Maltz, whom we first showed here last week.
This puts me in mind, stylistically, of another DVblog favourite, Donna Kuhn.
I mean that entirely positively – the content & tone are clearly different but there’s
something of the same dynamism and confidence in working with very diverse materials
in both artists.

Eyecode – Golan Levin

Eyecode (2007, 7MB, 52 sec.)

“Eyecode is an interactive installation whose display is wholly constructed
from its own history of being viewed. By means of a hidden camera, the system
records and replays brief video clips of its viewers’ eyes. Each clip is articulated
by the duration between two of the viewer’s blinks. The unnerving result is a
typographic tapestry of recursive observation.”

By Golan Levin.