Timo Vaittinen – 3 Stop Motion Works

10th December 2012 by michael
animation | arts | graffiti | stop motion | video

Breakblast (2008, 7.7MB, 1:01 min, silent)

Breakblast (2007, 4.9MB, 55 secs, silent)

Over the fence and here we go (2006, 4.4MB, 49 secs, silent)

Three stop motion pieces, economical &
elegant all, from Finnish artist Timo Vaittinen.
I like the (justified) confidence their silence

Laser Tag – The Graffiti Research Lab

15th June 2011 by doron
architecture | arts | community | documentary arts | experimental | graffiti | new media art | performance | technology | video

laser tag
laser tag (2006, 17.6MB, 4 min.)

The Graffiti Research Lab is dedicated to outfitting graffiti writers,
artists and protestors with open source tools for urban communication.

Rick Silva – recap

28th April 2011 by michael
arts | conceptual | experimental | graffiti | new media art | remix/mashup

Recap -trailer
Recap (trailer) (2006, 7.18MB, 1:12 min)

Says Rick Silva:
Recap is a remix of the cult classic graffiti movie
Wild Style (1982) where every piece of graffiti in
the original film has been digitally crossed out and tagged over
with the Recap tag.’

The full piece is available on DVD as an 82 minute video loop.

I find this piece intriguing. I’m pretty friendly to formalism –
it’s amazing what beauty & interest a good algorithm
(in the broadest sense) can deliver.
But here Rick Silva seems to have taken steps to eliminate
…perhaps too strong…rather…to render difficult
the emergence (partly because the original looks so great,
haven’t seen it, so even the trailer is, for me, quite irritating,
because by definition it covers up
[and maybe this
is the point – I think the setting & hence the mode of viewing
probably make a huge difference – I could see this working
brilliantly in a gallery where one takes in some of it & moves
on, digesting, but I think I would rather have extensive dental
work than sit & watch it as movie
] what
I long to see
.) of casual beauty.

Good though!
I don’t mean to be negative!
Better than bland of course, anytime!


3rd March 2010 by doron
arts | community | documentary | graffiti | observational | Super8 | video

KUNSTHAUS TACHELES (2009, 24MB, 2:59 min.)

By Karen Chan. Graffiti. Super 8. Shot in Berlin.

Light Criticism – the Anti-Advertising Agency

25th February 2009 by doron
activism | advertising | arts | community | conceptual | controversy | documentary arts | graffiti | installation | video

Light Criticism (2007, 14MB, 2:21 min.)

Light Criticism is a project by Steve Lambert (the Anti-Advertising Agency)
with Graffiti Research Lab.
From Eyebeam R&D Open Lab.

Muto by BLU

21st October 2008 by brittany
animation | arts | graffiti | video

BLU – Muto (2008, 30.7MB, 6:54)

Fairly surreal wall painted graffiti animation from BLU,
shot in Baden and Buenos Aires over the past two years.
Always pleasing to see street art legitimized, this piece is
particularly fun and feels much shorter than its run time.

Eyebeam: open city

25th May 2007 by doron
arts | community | conceptual | documentary arts | event | exhibition | experimental | graffiti | new media art | technology | video

Open City (2007, 26.2 MB, 4:27 min)

Open City: Tools for Public Action was an exhibition and series of public programs
at Eyebeam that focus on the ingenuity of graffiti writers, artists, protesters,
pranksters & hackers attempting to reclaim the public realm.
Here’s work from 11 of the artists featured in the exhibition.
From the Graffiti Research Lab.