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Albert Nanning – Exit

Exit (2008, 48.6MB, 4:50 min)

Says Albert Nanning:

‘I’m a writer (poems mostly) and photographer, living and working
in Amsterdam. My age is 41. See also. The last five years I’ve made
so many pictures due to the digital workflow that by accident
I discovered a way to give all those pictures that I don’t use
a kind of meaning by putting them in a clip that I made.
Most pictures are from Amsterdam. I made
the clip with iMovie.’

& nicely it works too…

Moljevic aka Albert Nanning

What is this
What Is This? (2006, 20.8MB, 2:31 min.)

Deft & attractive travelogue/visual poem/puzzle taking
us on a dream tour of Moljevic’s native Amsterdam.
More on his YouTube channel, and website