Fuyija & Miyagi – Michel Gondry-esque

1st August 2007 by doron
animation | arts | music video | stop motion | video | viral

FuyijaMiyagi (2007, 24MB, 3:17 min.)

Stop motion, dominos, great music video for
Fujiya & Miyagi by Michel Gondry-esque.

It’s Jerry Time! – true tales from the life of jerry

3rd July 2007 by doron
animation | community | remix/mashup | satire | serial | viral | vlog

the karate date
the karate date (2007, 19.2MB, 3:50 min.)

It’s Jerry Time!, winner of the 34th Annual Emmy Awards for ‘Outstanding Broadband Program’.
A collaboration between writer and composer – Jerry Zucker and animator, director Orrin Zucker.

Gotta Catch’em All

6th June 2007 by doron
animation | arts | narrative | satire | video | viral

Gotta Catch’em All (2006, 21.2MB, 3:50 min.)

‘A fun little short film I did at CCS with the help of my cousins Jack,
and Kaitlyn. This is CG character animation composited over video..’

by Mark DeRidder.

House of Cosbys

14th March 2007 by admin
animation | arts | community | controversy | documentary arts | satire | tv | viral | vlog

House of Cosbys
House of Cosbys (2005, 10MB, 5 min.)

from Channel 101.
This video should recieve lots of attention because it is really really
funny. Instead, it made the papers because Bill Cosby’s lawyers
threatened Channel 101 and their video hosting service with
cease and desist letters.

By Mica Scalin.

Google Gaaagled

23rd February 2007 by michael
activism | animation | arts | community | politics | satire | viral | vlog

The Adventures of Confucius
The Adventures of Confucius (2006, 8.5MB, 36 sec.)

Heartbroke’n and Gaaagle’d (2006, 1.9MB, 52 sec.)

Couple of movies from gaaagle.com,
a site thhat was set up to protest & satirize Google’s
decision last year to see, rather than do,
no evil.