I Don’t Want Your Lasagne Furnace – Donna Kuhn

28th December 2012 by michael
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I Don’t Want Your Lasagne Furnace (2009, 41.4MB, 2:23 min)

Artists I really care for tend to fall into two distinct categories.
The first is the extensive or Picasso category – refusing to be
bound by stylistic limitations or boxes they constantly
reinvent themselves, often seeming like ten artists in one skin.
The other might be called the Giacometti or Morandi model, where
the best part of a lifetime is devoted to an intensive, deep,
exploration of a limited set of themes and content.
They have in common more than would at first appear to be the case.
They are both led by a kind of shamanistic passion, a surrender to
the unconscious, to whim, to a playfulness which can be either infantile
or deadly serious, and they reject the most common practice which is the
dull conformity of making work which attempts to guess the market,
or follow fashion or whatever.
If Sondheim is the net exemplar of the first way then Donna Kuhn
must typify the second.
Small miracles of freshness & originality mined and chiselled from
a tiny pallette! Wit and sadness both! Wonder! Delight!

LOMEG_ROM – Now Is Not 2009

7th December 2012 by brittany
documentary arts | experimental | observational | portraiture | video | vlog

LOMEG_ROM – Now Is Not 2009 (2009, 91.2MB, 26:28)

Absolutely stunning docu-voodle from 2010 by “b.k.” of Oslo’s
LOMEG_ROM (sadly, note the retrospectively rather
plaintive ‘we’ll soon be posting again’, dated 2010).
Just when you think fireworks are
overrated or that you’ve seen it all… I am endlessly
impressed with this duo’s ability to tease out the
nuances of space and time.

Erica Schreiner – Ohio

12th November 2012 by brian
arts | flowers | nature | portraiture | video | vlog

Ohio (2008, 34MB, 3:23 min.)

Short analog video by Portland based artist Erica Schreiner.
Music by by Prussia.

Two futurespots

30th October 2012 by brittany
archive | arts | ephemera | experimental | vlog

futurespots – Splinters (2006, 10.1MB, 1:44)

futurespots – Flash (2006, 3.7MB, 1:10)

From the futurespots archives, two older works
from what is now a defunct videoblog.
These days, Christopher Black’s experimental
and interactive media can be found on his personal site.

More from Anthony Rousseau

29th October 2012 by michael
arts | experimental | remix/mashup | video | vlog

Climax (2006, 6.2MB, 1:11 min)

We’ve featured Anthony Rousseau’s excellent work here before
this is one of many great pieces you can see on his blog.
I’ve focussed in on this one because I think it’s particularly interesting
in its capacity to be genuinely disturbing in a number of ways over a short spell of time.
Made from appropriated Prelinger footage, Rousseau says it is
Une construction filmique dont la ligne directrice est la
traduction d’angoisses et de peurs infantiles

‘A filmic construction of which the directorial line is the translation of childhood fears and anguish’

Now, before I read that, I was thinking what Rousseau had done cleverly
& to powerful effect was to deploy many of the tropes of the horror genre
so we fear for, not with, the child.
But then I suppose many of those devices are indeed rooted in
our peurs infantiles & in fact we do both.
Smart. Smart, rich, good.

More from Kevin Flanagan

3rd July 2012 by michael
arts | experimental | nature | observational | silent | video | vlog

Grass Barbed
Grass Barbed (2008, 13.8MB, 41 secs, silent)

Grass in Wind
Grass In Wind (2008, 20.4, 48 secs, silent)

Utter loveliness from Irish artist Kevin Flanagan in 2008.
Utter loveliness never something to be disdained in my view, but here it’s also allied to a
steadfastness of purpose & well, just simple old fashioned
courage of conviction.

Shannon Noble – Finger Bolts

20th June 2012 by doron
arts | experimental | video | vlog

Finger Bolts
Finger Bolts (2005, 1.9MB, 1:13 min.)

Shannon Noble, an extremely technically accomplished
artist, made this elegant short video in 2005 from the simple, well-timed,
juxtaposition of moving images and sounds.
He’s still making stuff – he’s quite strangely
secretive about his work and quite often as soon
as it’s posted somewhere it disappears again.
A shame – he’s consistently great.

Amy Carpenter – Why Not?

19th June 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | ephemera | vlog

Amy Carpenter – Why Not? (2006, 8.4MB, 2:56)

In thinking back on the people that inspired me when
video online first began to really take hold of everyone,
I remembered Amy Carpenter’s Welcome to Amyville.
This little piece from a few years ago always stuck with me.
It felt so innovative at the time and still really outshines
many similar works to have come after it.

More from Duncan Speakman

11th June 2012 by brittany
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | ephemera | narrative | observational | vlog

The Delicate Museum – What Everyone Else Was Talking About (2006, 13MB, 1:21)

The Delicate Museum – A Suggestive Manifesto (2006, 9.7MB, 1:32)

Two more breaths of fresh air from 2006 and The Delicate Museum,
also known as Duncan, formerly of 29fragiledays.
Said before, I’ll say it again: such beauty in the small things.

2 from Loiez Deniel

7th June 2012 by michael
arts | experimental | flowers | nature | video | vlog


Ice Flowers – and my cat was so curious (2007, 23.5MB, 3:59 min)


shame (2007, 14.8MB, 2:27 min)

From 2007: first beauty tout court, then beauty with a big sting in the tail.

From Loiez Deniel, all of whose work is worth spending time with.