Jon Rafman – Woods of Arcady

29th October 2010 by michael
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woods of arcady
Woods Of Arcady (2010, 44MB, 3:56 min)

The Song of the Happy Shepherd

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

The woods of Arcady are dead,
And over is their antique joy;
Of old the world on dreaming fed;
Grey Truth is now her painted toy;
Yet still she turns her restless head:
But O, sick children of the world,
Of all the many changing things
In dreary dancing past us whirled,
To the cracked tune that Chronos sings,
Words alone are certain good.
Where are now the warring kings,
Word be-mockers? — By the Rood,
Where are now the warring kings?
An idle word is now their glory,
By the stammering schoolboy said,
Reading some entangled story:
The kings of the old time are dead;
The wandering earth herself may be
Only a sudden flaming word,
In clanging space a moment heard,
Troubling the endless reverie.

Then nowise worship dusty deeds,
Nor seek, for this is also sooth,
To hunger fiercely after truth,
Lest all thy toiling only breeds
New dreams, new dreams; there is no truth
Saving in thine own heart. Seek, then,
No learning from the starry men,
Who follow with the optic glass
The whirling ways of stars that pass–
Seek, then, for this is also sooth,
No word of theirs–the cold star-bane
Has cloven and rent their hearts in twain,
And dead is all their human truth.
Go gather by the humming sea
Some twisted, echo-harbouring shell,
And to its lips thy story tell,
And they thy comforters will be,
Rewording in melodious guile
Thy fretful words a little while,
Till they shall singing fade in ruth
And die a pearly brotherhood;
For words alone are certain good:
Sing, then, for this is also sooth.

I must be gone: there is a grave
Where daffodil and lily wave,
And I would please the hapless faun,
Buried under the sleepy ground,
With mirthful songs before the dawn.
His shouting days with mirth were crowned;
And still I dream he treads the lawn,
Walking ghostly in the dew,
Pierced by my glad singing through,
My songs of old earth’s dreamy youth:
But ah! she dreams not now; dream thou!
For fair are poppies on the brow:
Dream, dream, for this is also sooth.


Extraordinary piece from Jon Rafman
(and William Butler Yeats).
It’s stumbling across things like this
that makes it all more than worthwhile.

John Berryman – Dream Song #14

23rd April 2010 by michael
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Dream Song #14 (1967, 8MB, 1:43 min)

Life, friends, is boring. We must not say so.
After all, the sky flashes, the great sea yearns,
we ourselves flash and yearn,
and moreover my mother told me as a boy
(repeatedly) ‘Ever to confess you’re bored
means you have no

Inner Resources.’ I conclude now I have no
inner resources, because I am heavy bored.
Peoples bore me,
literature bores me, especially great literature,
Henry bores me, with his plights & gripes
as bad as achilles,

who loves people and valiant art, which bores me.
And the tranquil hills, & gin, look like a drag
and somehow a dog
has taken itself & its tail considerably away
into mountains or sea or sky, leaving
behind: me, wag.

Another Dream Song.
For details see original post

John Berryman – Dream Song #29

13th April 2010 by michael
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Dream Song #29 (1967, 11MB, 2:20 min)

There sat down, once, a thing on Henry’s heart

Julien Maire – Digit

14th January 2010 by doron
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Digit (2006, 6 MB, 1:27 min.)

A live performance by Julien Maire.

The Commoners – by Jessica Bardsley & Penny Lane

15th October 2009 by doron
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The Commoners (Excerpt, 2009, 37 MB, 1:25 min)

“In 1890, one man had the idea to collect every bird ever mentioned in Shakespeare
and release them into Central Park. The only bird to survive in the New World was the European
Starling, now one of the commonest birds in America. Its introduction is now widely considered
a major environmental disaster.
The Commoners is a moving image essay about starlings, poetry, and the purist rhetoric used
to describe “invasive species.” It is also about the paths people forge through history, intentionally
or not, as they attempt to change the natural world.”

Written & directed by Jessica Bardsley & Penny Lane.

From video_dumbo 2009.

Marianne Moore – The Fish

1st July 2009 by michael
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The Fish (date unknown, 754KB, 1:12 min)

The Fish

through black jade.
Of the crow-blue mussel-shells, one keeps
adjusting the ash-heaps;
opening and shutting itself like

injured fan.
The barnacles which encrust the side
of the wave, cannot hide
there for the submerged shafts of the

split like spun
glass, move themselves with spotlight swiftness
into the crevices

More Wikipedia Art remixing

9th June 2009 by michael
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Wikipedia Remix (2009, 34.7MB, 6:19 min)

Another Wikipedia Art remix, this time a splendidly accurate riff
on Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf from Sean Fletcher and Isabel Reichert

3 Poems from August Kleinzahler

22nd May 2009 by michael
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3 Poems (2008, 21.3MB, 6:05 min)

Extracted from a longer video recorded at the Unversity of Chicago
last year.
To my shame I knew nothing of Kleinzahler’s work until I read about him
in the Guardian a couple of weeks ago.
To my great surprise ‘Before Dawn on Bluff Road’ ( from the Guardian article)
had me blubbing like a baby.
Anyway – see what you think to the three here.

Door by Lewis LaCook

17th March 2009 by michael
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Door (2006, 3.6MB, 1:00 min)

From Lewis LaCook.
Like his poetry – fragile, complex & perfectly judged
( or – better – judged according to careful & complex
personal criteria, of which we kind of get a glimpse,
an intuition).
Lingers in the mind long afterwards.

Diluvio Gallery Once More

27th June 2008 by michael
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Hansel and Gretel Chapter 1 (2007, 15.9MB, 4:11 min)

More from Diluvio Gallery, this time from Crist