Almost 7 Minutes of Unalloyed Bliss

25th December 2012 by michael
animation | drawing | experimental | historical | humor | strange

What’s Opera Doc? (1957, 57.2MB, 6:52 min)

Remember the tingle down the spine when the first song kicks in in
the musical episode of Buffy?
Well, here’s the template from 1957.
Cartoons featuring talking and singing animals performing opera simply
do not get better than this.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season…

Peter Scott – Death was the West

11th April 2012 by michael
arts | conceptual | drawing | experimental | fiction | landscape | movie making | narrative | new media art | text | video

Death was the West
Death was the West (2012, 221MB, 5:19 min)

A restrained, austere, smart and at the same time gripping piece from
Essex, UK, film-maker Peter Scott, still in his final months at art school.
I understand it to be a by product of a work in progress but it
has an integrity and presence entirely of its own.
I look forward to more.

Dan Osborne – Grillin’

3rd October 2011 by michael
arts | audio | cooking | drawing | observational

Grillin’ (2011, 4MB, 57 sec, silent, looped)

Dan Osborne has a fertile and restless creativity.
I can’t think of anything he’s made I haven’t enjoyed
a lot, and his range is formidable.

Here he turns his hand to a small but perfect animation.

Christina McPhee – Shed

3rd June 2011 by doron
animation | arts | documentary arts | drawing | interview | participatory | process/systems | video

Shed (2011, 24 MB, 4:33 min)

Shed is a long-term video and drawing project.
Christina McPhee talks about ‘Shed’ and her work in general.
from VernissageTV.

Ruth Catlow – Landscape

16th May 2011 by michael
arts | conceptual | drawing | experimental | landscape | light | nature | new media art | observational | performance | place | poetry | process/systems | travelogue | video

Landscape (2011, 114MB, 3:12 min)

Ravishing piece of work from my friend and colleague Ruth Catlow
who is also co-director of the indispensible Furtherfield.org

We’ve been talking a lot amongst ourselves and with our students about
continuities across art history and about hybrid techniques which
meld both the ancient and the newest.
Filmed in the New Forest, this piece (apart from its great beauty)
is an exemplar of this approach and pathbreaking in its way.
(More so than much which, dull-eyed, shouts and waves the latest thing
from the rooftops.)
The oldest kind of mark making, delicately but robustly realised,
captured on a tiny portable video camera in a semi-performative
way and then networked…
Beautiful and nourishing both.

Henrik Capetillo: Moments – Illusions

4th February 2011 by michael
arts | conceptual | drawing | experimental | video

moments, illusions
Moments-Illusions (2003, 44MB, 8:35 min)
Recommended to us by the estimable Sam Renseiw here’s work
by his fellow Copenhagen based artist Henrik Capetillo.
I’m assuming that since at one point this file flashes up
“PREVIEW VERSION” the actual piece is considerably higher res.
I’d love to see that version because what we get from this is
a bit of a tease – I think for this kind of digital drawing intervention
into real world footage to really work everything has to be nice and
crisp and seamless ( Rick Silva, for example, is a master at this). That said, it’s
still a haunting bit of work which lingers in the memory and makes one want more.

Versions, 2010, Oliver Laric

15th July 2010 by doron
animation | arts | audio | community | drawing | new media art | observational | politics | remix/mashup | video

Versions (2010, 115 MB, 8:50 min)

By Oliver Laric.

Oliver Laric

5th May 2010 by michael
animation | arts | drawing | ephemera | humor | music | new media art | video

Geisterschloss (2006, 4MB, 1:49 min.)

787 cliparts
787 Cliparts (2006, 10.6MB, 1:05 min. loop)

Earlyish stuff from the now seemingly ubiquitous Oliver Laric.

Studio Banana TV interview with Kohei Nawa

28th April 2010 by doron
arts | community | documentary arts | drawing | installation | interview | video

Interview with Kohei Nawa (2010, 50 MB, 4:32 min)

Studio Banana TV interviews Japanese artist Kohei Nawa
best known for his ideas of

Buky Schwartz – 2 illusory videos

29th March 2010 by doron
arts | conceptual | documentary arts | drawing | furniture | historical | installation | participatory | performance | serial

videoconstructions2 (1978, 5MB, 1:16 min.)

The Chair (1980, 36MB, 9:54 min.)

Buky Schwartz (1932-2009), an Israeli sculptor and video artist
who passed away last year, was known for his deceptive videos
that interplay between illusory appearance and the actual ‘reality’.
The 2 vids here were exhibited at the Whitney Biennial in New York in 1981.
From the splendid Videoart.net